Brendon Gibbens: Kommetjie’s Finest

Kommetjie, pronounced ‘cawma-key’ means ‘small basin’ in Afrikaans and is the name of a beautiful coastal town in South Africa, near Cape Town. It features some high-end real estate wedged among a series of headlands and topaz beachbreaks. Jordy Smith has adopted the area as his home away from Durban as his best bud Damien Fahrenfort is a lifelong resident there.

Here, Kommetjie’s newest up-and-comer, Brendon Gibbens, tosses us a glimpse of his 9-to-5, which consists of offshore winds and beachbreak peaks. Brendon also has a great eye behind a camera lens, as evidenced by his blog, which features imagery of the incredible surf and scenery in South Africa.

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