Brett Simpson 4-4

Brett Simpson
Age: 17
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140 lbs.
From: Garden Grove, California
Sponsors: O’Neill, Dragon, Allyco, Jack’s, T. Patterson, Creatures Of Leisure, Reef


Brett Simpson is the epitome of the late bloomer. Why? Well, he began surfing at a later age than his competitors but within three years was catching everyone’s eye with his fast rise to surfing superiority. He comes from an area just inland from Huntington Beach, California called Garden Grove, where being landlocked fired Brett up more and more to become one of the NSSA’s top surfers. According to his friend Willie Safreed, Brett will win a contest, and the next morning he’ll be out at six, freezing his ass off in one-foot slop-he’s dedicated, and it shows. He also has a super smooth style and the motivation of a steamroller, so watch out for Brett Simpson!-A.C.