Brian Bielmann: Straight Up The Man Part 2

Brian Bielmann: Straight Up The Man Part 2
Bielmann: Straight Up the Man is a short film that profiles world-renowned surf photographer Brian Bielmann. Tag along with Sanuk and follow Brian through his home turf at the Pipeline Masters, thumbing through endless stacks of vinyl records, and sharing the incredible stories behind the iconic photographs that he’s documented over his 30+ year career.

In this sneak peek, surf world juggernaut Chris Cote dishes the dirt on buddying down with Brian and the grooviness of the visual butter his brought into this world. Yep, visual butter…

Coming December 11th to + beyond.

Starring: Brian Bielmann, Chris Cote, Alek Parker, Aaron Checkwood, Clark Little, Nathan Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, Kai “Borg” Garcia, and Matt Meola.

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