Brian Bielmann: Straight Up The Man!

Brian Bielmann: Straight Up The Man! Mini Movie From Sanuk

Like the title says, longtime TransWorld SURF photographer Brian Bielmann is the man! I’ve known Brian and his family for ages and have the best memories of our early trips to Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, and Australia together. We dubbed him “Uncle Brian” and his coffee-fueled calls to the TWS office were a daily treat—every time I saw that 808 number pop up I knew it was going to be Uncle Brian time and gave myself 20 minutes to listen. Shit, I sound like I’m writing an obituary! Far from it though, after the final issue of TransWorld SURF was printed Uncle Brian was super bummed like everyone else, but like he says in the movie above, re-invented himself at an age when a lot of people are thinking of retiring. I’m not the only one singing Uncle Brian’s praises, KaiBorg, Alek Parker, Matt Meola, and many more have amazing Bielmann stories. Thanks to Sanuk for taking the time to recognize one of the true legends of our sport!—Justin Coté

PS: One more thing, you hear how Brian is just firing away on those sequences? Well I was the guy he’d pass the memory card off to after a long day shooting a contest—scouring through thousands of images late at night is one part I don’t miss about working with him! Haha, love you BB!  

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Andy Peva Brian

From left: Andy Irons, Peva Levy, and Brian Bielmann in Tahiti back in the day…

From Sanuk:
Bielmann: Straight Up the Man is a short film that profiles world-renowned surf photographer Brian Bielmann.

If a photo is worth 1000 words, what’s 30 years of photos worth? Hmmmmm? Find out and tag along with Sanuk as they follow Brian through his home turf on the North Shore. Cruise at the Pipeline Masters, thumb through endless stacks of vinyl records, and savor the incredible stories behind the iconic photographs that he’s documented over his 30+ year career…

Starring: Brian Bielmann, Chris Cote, Alek Parker, Aaron Checkwood, Clark Little, Nathan Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, Kai “Borg” Garcia, and Matt Meola.

Directed By: Joey Maiocco & Scott Nichols
Executive Producer: Joey Maiocco
Edited By: Tony Vercelli
Original Score: Joseph Vadini & Peter Kreta
Original Photography: Brian Bielmann