Brian Conley Interview

[IMAGE 2]Name: Brian Conley
Age: 19
Sponsors: Billabong, Sanük, Surf Ride, Oakley, Xanadu
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140
Hometown: Solana Beach, California

AC: How’s everything going so far this year and what are your plans for the future?

BC: Things are going well. I got a few WQS points down and just got back from an incredible trip to Tahiti where we got some incredible video and photo coverage. I’m focusing on the rest of the Billabong Junior events for this year¿that’s a goal of mine to qualify for the world juniors along with building up my QS points.

AC: Who are you favorite surfers?

Well, as a kid I’ve always looked up to Brad Gerlach because he comes from this area. I also really look up to guys like Bruce Irons¿innovative people like that. Kelly Slater is the man, he’s incredible. I look up to stylish surfers like Joel Tudor also¿the way he surfs is incredible.

AC: You just stayed with Joel Parkinson in Australia, what was that like?

That was really fun, we had a great time, caught some really good waves there on the Gold Coast. Had a lot of fun partyin’ there in Surfers Paradise. It’s a lot of fun. It gets pretty crazy there.

AC: What was the craziest thing you saw down there?

People going crazy until like seven or eight in the morning at the disco¿The Doof Doof, The Doof Doof Room.

AC: Did you see people getting beat up all over the place?

No, I didn’t, not too much of that, I was lucky not to see any of that. A lot of beautiful girls,

[IMAGE 1]AC: Were they loving you?

Yeah, they seemed to like the American accent.

AC: So you throw that game like, “Yeah, I’m an American, dig this!”

Yeah, it helps.

AC: Where else in the world have you been?

Mexico plenty of times, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaii many times, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, all over the U.S.

AC: What do you say is your favorite place?

I really liked West Oz, that was really good, and Mexico’s got some great waves¿probably my favorite. I don’t know, they’re all good and unique in their own way¿I want to go back to them all.

AC: What do you do when you come back home? Wouldn’t it seem kind of boring coming back home?

No, it’s actually good coming home when you’re gone for so long you kind of realize all of the things that are at home and all the things you have to do at home that you can’t do from other parts of the world. It’s so nice to come home to your own bed and your own family and it’s really nice.

AC: Do you ever get home sick?

The only times I get homesick are when the waves are flat and I’m not surfing.

AC: Do you have any thanks you want to send out or anything like that?

Pretty much thanks to my parents for all their support¿they’ve helped me out to the fullest. Thanks to my sponsors, I couldn’t do it without them.