Brotation-when you and your bros take turns catching waves.

Example: “If you paddle for a wave and miss it, you have to go to the back of the brotation.”

Tamaybro Perry-your bro who gets big tubes at Pipeline.

Example: “I’m gonna go charge Hawai’i this year and be the next Tamaybro Perry.”

Brolumbian-your bro from Columbia.

Example: “Call Jose and see if he wants to party-you know he’s a Brolumbian, right?”

9021-bro-your bro from Beverly Hills.

Example: “Tell Brandon Walsh to go back to 9021-bro.”

carbrohydrate-your bro who makes you gain weight.

Example: “Jim’s always taking me out for big meals-he’s my carbrohydrate.”


ep-the new way to say epic.

Example: “F-k, man, the waves were so ep today.”

Rip Van Winkle-the dude who always sleeps in and misses the morning sessions.

Example: “Whoa, check out Rip Van Winkle up and shredding before lunch!”

jones session-when you surf crappy waves just because you’re jonseing for a sesh.

Example: “Me and Andy are going out for a jones session, even though it’s only one foot.”

neckers-when the waves are almost head-high, but not quite.

Example: “It’s about neckers out there.”

highliner-when the waves are so fast you have to take the high line to make the section.

Example: “I had to do a highliner on that last one, it was so fast.”