Get Your Budgies On¿What you say when you go party.Example: “It’s Friday night¿I’m ready to just go out and get my budgies on!”

cheah¿Another way of saying the word “yeah.”Example: “Did you surf today?Cheah, of course.”

Chi-Chi¿When you go up to do a big ol’ snap and your feet slip halfway through the turn.Example: “Dude, I went up to do a big ‘ol snap, but instead just did a full chi-chi.”

Skid Out- When you drop in and slide out at the bottom of the wave.Example: “Oh I fully had that rad ride but I did a skid out at the bottom and ate the big one.”

Shelved- When you can’t surf for a while.Example: “I tweaked my knee so I guess I’m shelved for a while.”

Brotivation- When a bro motivates you to do something.Example: “Man, I’m tired, where’s Brenden, I need some brotivation.”

Bro-Bono¿Your lawyer bro who surfs and gives free legal advise, “Dude, I got in a fight with the lifeguards and my lawyer bro Matt Miller saw it all. He’s says he’ll represent me bro-bono.”

Sonny Brono¿A bro who’s short.”This board’s a 5’6″ with a red, yellow, and green airbrush¿it must belong to Sunny Brono.”

Brosemite Sam¿The bro who’s always screaming and riding big-wave guns, “Willy paddled out at two-foot Swami’s and sat way outside yelling at everyone like Brosemite Sam.”

broast¿When a bunch of bros sit around and roast each other.Example: “Bro, that wasn’t an irie tree barrel, that was a bogus bush slam! Dude, I’m gonna broast you for sure tonight.

Broner¿The bro who’s always excited.Example: “Cote’s so frickin’ hyper, he’s like a human broner.”

front bro parking¿The bro’s who always has the best parking spaces at surf spots.Example: “Those guys are like valet drivers, they always get front bro parking.”

Kool Bro Dee¿A bro who thinks he’s a rapper.Example: “Jason bought more gold, braided his hair, and raps about everything he does¿he’s like Kool Bro Dee.”

Rambro¿A bro who gets super aggressive in the lineup.Example: “Dude, Sherman paddled around me again and got the wave of the day. He’s such a Rambro!”