Bruce, Irons Out His ASP Wrinkles


The WCT has just never been his thing. After a few years of struggling on the so called Dream Tour Bruce Irons is over it, opting to go on more photo and video trips. According to a Surfing Magazine interview, when this season comes to an end, Bruce will be back to being the “best freesurfer in the world,” period.

No more the “best freesurfer on tour” or “if he ever gets his mind straight, he’ll be world champ,” that’s just not him. I’ll quote Revelation, the older Bill Ballard video, not the Bible thing, “I don’t want to surf like a monkey,” in references to why he wasn’t on tour at the time.

Volcom’s down and is stoked on his decision, so why not? This is how we all want to see Bruce anyway, flipping the system a big birdie. Speaking of birdies “Nine Irons” is now going to get to spend a lot more time on the links.

Here’s what Volcom had to say about the matter:

Although this was a difficult decision, Bruce is confident that his choice to leave competition behind is the right one. “I prefer to go back to how I started my whole surfing trip, which is to go on surf trips and make videos.” Volcom is 100% supportive in Bruce’s decision and we’re looking forward to the next step in his career.

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