Bruce Irons Stays With Volcom

Rumors and whispers have been travelling through the ears and mouths of industry insiders for the last month or so about a possible Bruce Irons sponsor change. Even here at the TransWorld SURF offices, emails and phone calls were received asking a simple question: “Is Bruce going to ride for someone else? Well let’s put those rumors to bed right now, Troy Eckert just called at 9:30 a.m. today confirming that Bruce is safe at home at Volcom and will be there for a long time. Troy said, “We just got back from Hawai’i and I’m happy to say Bruce will be with us (Volcom) for a long time.


So let the rumors be squashed right here. The golden child is a Stone Family member and from the sounds of it, he signed his name in blood and the will be rocking the stone until he has gray hair.So, congratulations to Bruce and Volcom, a match made in heaven.—Chris Cote