Bruce’s Tractor

JS’ Bruce Irons signature model is the quintessential modern shortboard.

Board: JS

Shaper: Jason Stevenson

Model: Bruce Irons Signature Model

Board type: shortboard

Size: 6’1″

Width: 18 1/4″

Thickness: 2 1/4″

Tail: hip squash

Surfer: Bruce Irons

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Optimal Conditions

Perfect, four-foot Snapper Rocks.

Win A Bruce Irons Signature Model

We’re gonna give this board away to the first person to write us with the exact number of points Bruce accumulated last year (2004) on the WCT. Want the board? Send a postcard with your answer, name, height, weight, and address to:

Bruce Irons Model

c/o TransWorld SURF

353 Airport Road

Oceanside, California 92054

Low entry rocker keeps the board drivey. JS added that the rocker he uses in a board will vary by region. For example, a board for a guy from Hawai’i is going to have substantially more rocker than a board for a guy from Florida. The more powerful the surf, the more rocker. Makes sense.

Increased tail rocker from the front fins back allows the board to turn tighter and release more, so you can fit fifteen of those frontside snaps in the pocket every time you catch a wave on the Superbank.

The single-to-double concave fades to a slight single off the tail-the classic shortboard bottom configuration.

The rails are soft (no sharp edge) until you get to the fins, then they harden dramatically. JS calls them “non-catch rails,” and he uses them as a way to adjust the volume of the board-their thickness and boxiness are dependent on the weight of the surfer the board is being made for.

Standard lightweight glassing (four-ounce deck, four-ounce bottom).

Shaper’s Notes:

“They’re clean and basic-no surprises,” JS says of the Bruce Model. “Bruce has twenty at home.” JS made it clear that he doesn’t want to give away too many of his shaping secrets, and we can respect that. He must be doing something right for someone like Bruce to commit himself to just one shaper.

Did you know: The JS “tractor” logo is a tribute to Stevenson’s dad who drove heavy equipment for a living.