Brutal Backdoor Beatdown Caught On Board Cam

Evyn Waimea Bay

Fox team rider Evyn Tyndzik charging Waimea Bay before slamming his head on the reef after getting caught inside by t Backdoor Pipeline. Photo courtesy Fox.

From the “Holy Shit!” files we present Evyn Tyndzik from Hawaii Kai on Oahu…instead of me writing about his ordeal after getting caught inside by a ten-foot set at Backdoor we’ll let him do so:
Evyn Tyndzik Wipeout

That terrifying moment when you know you’re about to get licked…

Evyn's Story:

I am really overwhelmed and touched from all the visits and messages I’ve been receiving. It shows you all care about me and I feel the same. People want to know the story so I’ll write it since I have a lot of spare time. I was paddling out at Backdoor after trying to catch a medium size right that turned out to be a close out. So I was paddling back out as fast as I could go to prevent my self from getting caught inside, about 9/10th’s of the way out I noticed every one was moving farther out so I was now only 7/10th’s to the outside. I began to paddle as fast as I could and was able to duck dive the first one but the second one was a bomb—at least 10 foot Hawaiian and doubling up. I paddled to it my fastest and ditched my board at the last second but it was like 6 ft deep so there was no escape from hitting the reef. As I ditched my board I tried to go as deep as he could but the wave picked me up and threw me back first. The only thing I remember was doing fast back flips one of the back flips must have knocked me out. Fortunately I didn’t feel the pain that cracked 10 bones in my skull, face and head.  All I remember was waking up in the hospital with doctors working on me.


Evyn's buddy Satar's side of the story:

Three 10-foot close out sets rolled through, I was thinking to myself getting caught inside by this monster was the last thing I wanted. I paddled my hardest to get to the safe zone. I was thinking my best friend Evyn was probably not in the best position. After passing over the bomb sets I overheard this guy saying “that kid just got really worked”. I told him that’s my friend Evyn, I looked around and saw him floating in the inside of backdoor (the shallowest part). I immediately knew he wasn’t okay and I went in rescue mode. I caught the first wave that I could get, maybe 5 to 8 min had already passed, finally I got to the beach and saw Evyn maybe 20 yards from shore, with his entire left portion of his face covered in blood I knew this was serious. I yelled “Evyn! Evyn!”, he just laid there unconscious. I yelled to a guy to get the lifeguards and told another guy to grab his surfboard. My friend was dying; I quickly got to him, hooked his arm and started to drag him to shore. Once we got to shore a guy that was out in the line up quickly grabbed him and told me “I got him” so he picked up Evyn and the lifeguards just arrived so he handed Evyn to the lifeguards. The lifeguards put Evyn on the atv and drove him up the sand hill to the Ehukai bathroom. The lifeguards then put him on the stretcher, put on the neck brace, and strapped an oxygen mask on him. The ambulance arrived and rushed Evyn to town.

Evyn's mother Jane writes:

His left knee is cut up but his right knee has ligament damage. He has a severe whiplash and a severe concussion. He was listed as critical from Thursday 5 PM to Saturday 2 PM. I guess he is in the next condition down from critical. The ratings do not matter, he is so lucky to be able to talk, remember everything except those couple of hours and move his body like normal! I am trying to copy the doctors writing. There are 10 fractures total, some bones have multiple fractures. There are two major skull fractures; one goes from his left eye socket to behind his left ear, and the other one is near the base of his scull. The cut took 3 layers and the top layer had 25 stitches…we did not count the lower layers. We are so blessed that all of these fractures are clean and lined up so he does not need surgery, or not that they know of now.

Best of luck on your recovery Evyn, keep charging too, just make sure you wear that helmet you were talking about!—TWS