Bubble Gum Unveils Gu Wax

Bubble Gum's New Gu Wax Is A Game Changer For Performance Surfing

As surfing's top guns keep raising the bar for high performance hacks and aerial maneuvers, Bubble Gum Surf Wax continues to formulate the innovative products they need to stay stuck to their boards. The company's new, super-grippy Gu Wax is a game changer, and it's made and sold right here in the US. Despite all the hype other companies are claiming about magic formulas and exotic blends coming out of Brazil, the idea of applying a super-grippy top-coat over a harder base coat or even your grungy, matted wax beads has been around since the 1980s.

According to second-generation waxologist, Britton Galland, whose family founded Bubble Gum Surf Wax in the early '80s; Bubble Gum is the original innovator of the super-grippy top-coat wax concept. "My dad formulated a special blend called Icky Sticky Ooey Gooey — back in the day, Galland said. "I busted some out for my friends and I to use at pro junior and QS events, and we all got hooked. After a while, we didn't want to surf a heat without it."

Bubble Gum recently reformulated that original super-tacky recipe with an ingredient that is unaffected by a wide range of water temps. "We've had NSSA groms as well as CT pro's using the new Gu in a wide range of water temps and surf conditions — from Bali and Hawaii to New York and back to San Francisco. And they're getting great results," Galland said.

Gu comes in two temperature-based formulas — one for water below 70 degrees, and one for water temps over 70. "The new Gu is so grippy and tacky, we package it in re-usable zip-lock bags," Galland explains. "Amazingly, it won't stick or make a mess on your wetsuit or boardies."

Bubble Gum's new Gu Wax is available at all Bubble Gum dealers, as well as the company's online store at www.bubblegumsurfwax.com. For dealer inquiries, send an email to bubblegumsurfwax@yahoo.com