Bud Freitas

Imagine if your name was Bud, or better yet, Bud Freitas. Now imagine how many people saw the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High, thought they were f–king comedians, and said, “Hey Bud, let's party!” Bud's a quiet guy. He may not say much, like in this crank call, but chances are he starts twitching when he hears that phrase. Who wouldn't? But then again, who wouldn't want to hang with Bud Llamas (a Huntington Beach surf hero from the 80s) and the Rosebud models? –Eric Klier

TransWorld SURF: Hello, is Bud there?

Female voice: Can I ask who's calling?

This is Phil Rush. I got his number from Steve Clark at Billabong.

I'll get him.

No problem.


Hello, Bud Freitas, nice to finally get a hold of you. My name's Phil Rush, I'm with Rush And Stone Associates out of Saint Louis. I've been in touch with Steve Clark, and he was thinking you might be interested in our new ad campaign for Budweiser beers–have you heard of Budweiser?

Of course.

Well great, we have a few other surfers like Bud Llamas and a guy named Bud Antonez from moto. And our idea is gonna be like a “Hey Bud, let's party!” It's gonna be filmed at the U.S. Open. All the female Bud models are gonna be there. They're gonna come into a room full of people named Bud, and they're gonna say, “Hey Bud, let's party!”

Hey Bud, let's party?”

Everybody's gonna have their names on their shirts–it should be really great, and were wondering if you would be interested?

Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. There's gonna be Bud models there?

Is this the number we can get in touch with you most?

Well, I also got my cell phone.

Are you over the age of 21?

Noooooooo, I wish. I can't wait 'til I turn 21–it's gonna be fun.

Can you get a fake I.D.?

That would be no problem. Do I have to, like, tell my mom or something?

No, it'll just be between us. Are you gonna be down for the U.S. Open?


Have you competed in the U.S. Open before?


How's that been going for you?

It's been going pretty well, I guess.

Well, we'll be talking to you soon, bring your fake I.D. All the Rosebud models should all be there.

That sounds sweet. What was your name again?

Phil Rush.

Okay, Phil, this sounds really cool. I'll talk to you soon.