Bum Rush Tour


Cocoa Beach, Florida (February 23, 2011) - Sun Bum®, a new sun care company out of Cocoa Beach, launches the first leg of their “Bum Rush” summer tour next month, somewhere along the Florida Coast. That’s right, the company will not say where the competition will take place only that someone who thought they were just going surfing that day will go home with a check for one thousand dollars.

“Our ‘ judges’ will roll out of bed whenever they feel like it, pick up some hot coffee and some hotter girls (in the company’s modified Suburban), find a nice break where some kids are free surfing, put up a tent, and start the competition,” said Dustin Smith, Sun Bum’s Event Director. “Fifteen minutes later somebody’s gonna get paid.”

The tour, which will hit 10 beach towns this summer, will not just be about surfing, they’ll also be about capturing the whole Sun Bum vibe. “It’s a legit contest, meaning we are looking at who has the best style and gets the best waves,” Dustin explained, “but our judges will also be taking points off for such things as bad board shorts and bad attitudes.” What if there are no waves that day, you ask? Dustin says, “If there are no waves than we’ll find some groms’ skim boarding, or go to a skate park… either way, we’ll have a contest and give someone a grand just for doing what they love.”

The company, who does not sponsor pro’s, is looking to ride the waves of the every day rat, who loves the beach, loves the waves, but unfortunately, also has to work for a living or go to school all day. “We’re not against pro’s, are you kidding? Smith responded, “we just thought it would be cool to give someone else a chance to stand on the podium with champagne in their eyes and a big check over their head.”

For more information on Sun Bum or the Bum Rush Tour go to www.TrustTheBum.com