Butterfish Final Results From Tar Pits

The final event of Volcom Stones Butterfish Surf Series went down under sunny skies and glassy conditions, with over 110 competitors showing up to test their skills in the ripable 2-3 footers.  To top off the day, the groms put on air spectacular free for all down the beach, ramping out into oncoming two-foot high backwash.

In the Grom Final it came down to Matt McCabe and Spencer Reagan battling it out for win and the overall season title.  In the end it would be Spencer taking home both, with Matt McCabe coming in a hard fought second.  Matt Johnson, Dustin Willman, Robert Curtis and Dillon Perillo finished out the final in that order.

The Juniors Final it would be a show down between Timmy Pfannestiel and John Paul Taylor for the win.  Timmy finished in a solid second with John Paul taking home the win, overall season title, a skatedeck from Santa Cruz and a bag full of gear.  Nic Lamb, Evan Mendalson, Lorin Anderson and Colin Anderson finished out the final in that order.

It’s go time! The Pro-Am Final saw some solid exchanges go down between Sean Hayes and Brian Aresco all the way to the end, with Sean scoring a 7.5 in the closing minute of the heat, which earned him second place, $50 cash and duffle bag full of gear.  B.A. posted some solid scores early and took home the win, $200 cash, a Sector Nine skatedeck and a bag full of gear.  Rounding out the final was Blake Howard, Henry Mills, Ryan Peterson and Ian O’Neill in that order.

1. Brian Aresco $200
2. Sean Hayes  $50
3. Blake Howard
4. Henry Mills
5. Ryan Peterson
6. Ian O’Neill

1. John Paul Taylor
2. Tim Pfannstiel
3. Nic Lamb
4. Evan Mendalson
5. Lorin Anderson
6. Colin Anderson 
1. Spencer Reagan
2. Matt McCabe
3. MAtt Johnson
4. Dustin Willman
5. Robert Curtis
6. Dillon Perillo