Cali Rally Checkpoint Challenge: Santa Cruz Skate Race Of Death

Cali Rally Checkpoint Challenge: Santa Cruz Skate Race Of Death

When the 2010 Cali Rally teams arrived to Santa Cruz, they got a surprise text message on their Verizon phones: "Meet at Steamer Lane at 1:00 p.m. Don't be late!"

When they arrived, 16 brand-new Santa Cruz skateboards (complete with custom carved swallowtails) were laid out for them in the parking lot by the lighthouse and the teams knew immediately that they were screwed. The challenge was a long distance skate race from Steamer Lane to Pleasure Point, a solid up-hill, downhill, curvy, rough, and weird skate mission. It took the teams about a half hour to finish, and nearly everybody cheated, but this time we caught them on video cheating! But hey, that's what the Cali Rally is all about—if you're not cheating, you're not trying! Check it out.


Thanks to Santa Cruz Skateboards for providing the sick sticks (above) for our race, and also buying pitcher's of beer later that night!

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WTF? The TransWorld SURF Cali Rally is an annual scavenger hunt style race from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Featuring four teams of four surfers, each team gets a list of "challenges" that they must complete to earn points that go towards their overall Cali Rally point total. Along the way, teams must compete in four "Checkpoint Challenges" that range from shirtless paintball wars to tandem BMX races. Checkpoint Challenges are worth 1,000 points each. Extra points are awarded at the discretion of TransWorld SURF and can be earned for various feats including broken bones, heroic acts of courage, and making out with old ladies. Previous winning teams include Analog (2009) and Billabong (2008).