Cali Rally: Electric’s Dodgeball Disaster


Checkpoint #2 of the 2009 Cali Rally gets violent as the teams square off at Electric Visual headquarters in San Clemente for a life or death Dodgeball Disaster (or MurderBall Mayhem the title’s not important!) tournament. Congrats to the Analog squad who won the tourney and picked up 1000 valuable points to add to their total. Analog also got 500 bonus points for defeating the Electric All-Stars in a specialty match after the initial tournament.

Cali Rally Dodgeball Disaster Electric Visual

About Dodgeball Disaster:

July 8, 2009
Orange County
Electric's Dodgeball Disaster
Electric Eyewear's Corporate Headquarters, Can Clemente, California
5:00 p.m.

Murderball a.k.a. Dodgeball is a game that ancient American Indians used to play to decide who got first pick of the tribe's fresh crop of virgins, leaving losing tribe members to jump on the grenade if you catch our drift.

These days, Dodgeball has become less of a sport, and more a way of life for the people who love it. In this challenge, you will face your enemies in a four-man, four-team, single elimination, regulation, dogdeball tournament—you lose, you're out. But wait, this is the Cali Rally, so you know we'll be adding to your misery by manning the corners with well hung sharpshooters, sprinkling the tournament with slippery substances, and making your lives pure hell.

Rules will be made available at the event, crybabies will be instantly ejected, and winners will each receive a set of beautiful blue balls along with some awesome prizes and of course 1000 points toward the Cali Rally team total.