Cali Rally: Sector 9 Hollywood Hustle Relay Race


Memo To Hollywood: Don't F—k With The Rallyers

Hollywood, CA.
Sector 9 Hollywood Hustle Relay Race
July 10, 2009

sector 9 hollywood hustle

The Sector 9 short bus played host to the Sector 9 Hollywood Hustle Relay Race on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Photo: Eg

It's one thing to screw with another team when you're on the Cali Rally, but when some Somalian tour bus driver screams profanities about Bones' mom, it's Cali Rally time motherf—kers! Here's what happened: We'd just wrapped up the Sector 9 Hollywood Hustle Relay Race Of Fame when some bus driver who was stiffed out of a fare by Bones and the Analog team got all pissy, "F—k you and your mother!" he yelled at Bones amidst hundreds of still-weeping Michael Jackson fans on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Bones played it cool, but dude had to come across the street to where all four teams and their "respective" pit crews were and continued his verbal assault. "This is Hollywood you motherf—kers!" he screamed at us. Well, yeah, it's Hollywood, but guess what? It's also California which makes it fair game so F you dude! Analog's Geoff Moysa called the guy out in front of hundreds of confused tourists, "Let's go around the corner, you gonna keep talking shit then?" asked Moysa.

Suffice to say, he wanted nothing to do with that and his "I'm calling my homies you guys better get the f—k out of Hollywood" call did absolutely nothing to faze the Cali Rally.

The only hiccup on the Sector 9 Hollywood Hustle Relay Race Of Fame? Josh Hoyer got hit by a car. "No worries,"said Hoyer as he checked out his bloody elbow. "It's gonna take a lot more than that to take me out." Dude's right. I just saw the the Newport Beach-based devil child eat more Hooters chicken wings than I thought humanly possible…which lead us into the congratulatory "Well done Team Analog" as they won the Hooters Wing Eating Challenge with an amazing 127 wings for four dudes. The best part was Hoyer eating one more wing even after they knew they'd won! Legend!