Cali Rally Team Blogs


Hurley Team Blog: Day 7Hurley's Michael Dunphy laying down some serious game...
Day 7 we stayed in North Hollywodd with Chris Taloa from Hawaii last night and got up at 8a.m for our battle at Venice beach. Only thing we forgot it was Monday and we hit morning traffic.  The team challenge was hard skating almost a mile down Venice boardwalk. Volcom smoked everyone cause they grew up in the skate/surf industry.  From there we did a million missions in Venice. Team work out; I bench pressed Dunphy while Zack and Eric spotted. Then we went to skate the park and Eric did the kick flip and grinded the ledge.  After that it was pizza and fish tacos for breakfast.  Then we split up. Dunphy went to look for roller skates to do it in his speedo. I looked around for a piercing shop. While Zack and Eric got team shirts sprayed by some homeless guys. I got a nipple pierced and my nose water buffalo style.  Then they gave me a free OC tat on the bottom of my heel right where it belongs. We waited for Dunphy for a while but the Billabong guys caught him and a used his roller skates and speedo while he stood in the alley naked.  While we waited Zack sang country music for money. He made five bucks in ten minutes. Then it was off to Hollywood to rock on Motley Crue’s star. But first we stopped on the sunset strip to practice our air guitar then off to perform at the Viper Room. As we walked down Hollywood Blvd. we got the strangest looks.  As we left I saw a famous guy eating lunch outside a restaurant on Sunset Strip.  Ty our video guy said he was James Woods. I only knew he was famous. So we parked and approached. He was cool, and said he did the same as us when he was in college. Our next mission was to get out of Hollywood before traffic got to nuts. On our way to Malibu we called Allen Sarlo for a surf session at the ‘Bu. He said he was gonna meet the Volcom guys at 5:30 pm then he could hang with us. But first we stopped and gave a fire station some gear to say thank for fighting all the fires in Cali. Right when we got to the Bu Volcom cornered us and nailed us with tomatoes. Nohorai opened the door and almost got hit right in the face. I was pissed cause if that had hit him in the face it would have been bad regardless if it was an old tomato. Like any father I snapped cause it was close and could have been bad. I let the Volcom boys know how I felt.  I parked and Dunphy saw the Volcom truck parked so it was on and he got them back good for the 3 flat tires they had given us since day 1 and the ketchup bath they gave him in Newport. He waxed both side windows, spraypainted the from window and put Tuna fish all over the front window.  All I could say is mess with the bulls get the horns.

…Lost Team Blog: Day 7
Day 7. It was a long day, a long day and we didn’t do shit.  Oh yeah we were tied for the lead in the skate race and then we suddenly lost the ground beneath our feet. Oh well kinda similar to the BMX where we had two guys in the semi and we came last.  Ok we did some stuff, so divel didn’t get mad!!!!!!!!but the grind and gruel is taking its toll.  Waking up in carp this morning, this morning? And driving down 1, we were greeted with some swell brushing the coast.  Malibu was firing 3 feet in the face and we acted as stuntmen.  The boys tried to tandem on a finless, cracked and broken old windsurfer we found in the parking lot.  The old guard was in full effect down at the bu’.  Too bad we packed in my four-runner with no boards and watched as the bu’ peeled.  Crusti, Robert curtis, did manage too pull off the 10m dive, with Chase Wilson flying through the air next to him as Malibu peeled off to their north.
After the skate race we hightailed it back to the OC, noones gotten the oc tattoo yet, heard someone did.  We feel like we are falling behind after the laguna beach girls just left and let us know some of the stuff the other guys have been doing.
The Standard was cool and Woody got to peer at a few visiting models as Cassidy let us do our thing.  She was very friendly and warm to the …LOST crew.  If he had the tye-dyed speedos he lost at the wedge it would’ve been classic.  Might go back tomorrow for lunch.  I know, still in LA? as the other teams are probably in goleta, pismo or even farther north. Or they are still in Malibu caught in the Pascal trap.  Lets hope for this.
So we have our sell-off tomorrow in Santa Monica, then we have 2 and a half days to finish the LA stuff, go to santa barbara AGAin, do all the Pismo and central coast stuff, and be in Santa cruz Wed. morning for the last of the four challenges and then drive all over santa cruz and back down the coast for a Thursday night finish.  SURE BuDDy.??!!!???well at least we are bonding and having an experience like no other. Thank you TRansWorld.

Billabong Team Blog: Day 7Checky
Cali Rally Day 6 – I think?
Today we competed in the Sector 9 race, where you had to slam a beer and then relay race down the Venice Beach boardwalk.  The Volcom guys are damn near pro skaters and definitely are pro drinkers, so they were in their element and won handily.
The race is tight.  …Lost, Volcom and our team (Billabong) have all won a mandatory challenge.  I hear Kahea is a damn good SUP’er, so Hurley would have to be the favorite for the SUP Joust coming up, not that we won’t give it 110%, cuz we definitely will.
Speaking of Hurley…poor Dunphy.  We were walking down the Venice Beach boardwalk looking for a place to rent skates and buy a speedo to perform the “Rollerskate down Venice Beach boardwalk in a speedo” challenge.  We were kinda stressing cuz we couldn’t find a place to rent skates and/or buy a speedo and the key to the race is to get these challenges accomplished as fast as possible.
All of a sudden Dunphy comes rollerskating up in a speedo, completing the task for Hurley.  Someone on our team said, “Why don’t we just take his?” and that was it.  We ambushed the kid.  He put up a little bit of a fight, but ended up giving us his skates and speedo, leaving him standing up against a building just covered with a T-shirt.  We got the task done and gave him his stuff back, told him we’d give him credit for the assist and were on our way.  If we didn’t like the kid we woulda just taken the speedo and left him naked up against a building covered with a T-shirt.  So I guess he was lucky that way.
Don’t forget – We will be at the VENTURA MALL PAC  SUN  TODAY, July 15th between 1-3pm.  (Pacific View Mall, 3301 E. Main St., Ventura CA 93003).  Come down and support our team.  Hang out and buy some stuff and get more stuff for free.  See you there.

Volcom Team Blog: Day 7
Morrissey’s not a hippy, but this is a grand ol’ hippy jump.  Team workout after the skate win.  Barney vision.  I guess friends of our competitors never had the heart to tell them.  Man boob ring. Malibu crew.  The proof is in the panties.   A Skeltor/Q Lazzarus inspired team haircut, “The Little Ritchie.”
Aces of skate races, diversion at the Malibu Inn, Landshark is a Florida beer, Mudslides are delicious, Pascal is Malibu, sweet gals bring secondary diversion, hallucination navigation, Morrissey and Barney vanish, college girls –days last diversion.–mg


Volcom Team Blog: Day 6The Volcom crew lounging
Hessian slider Gieger, delicious Blue Wednesdays, second round.  We then found Barney outside holding this crowd, and leaping 8.  Budweiser induced narcolepsy. ?????…Puerto Rican y Flauta. Balls, set, spike.  Pissed for just a second, I got beans on my jeans.
Morning time came so fast, got booted at 3am from this stolen wireless connection to blog on your face.  Reboot, onto Venice boyz.–mg

Hurley Team Blog: Day 6
Today is the 5th day sorry no blog ysterday stayed in the Hurley motor home no wi-fi. We are still only three in the team: Dunphy, myself, and Nohorai my son. But tomorrow 2 fresh guys are coming.  On day 4 I got up early and body boarded the wedge Naked.  the 5 guys in the line up were trippin and moved away from me good thing cause I also took my 3rd aqua dump. We sponsored the surfer statue in HB While dunphy shot HB pier.  I got in the water while my son and dunphy worked on Catching a fish. My son wanted to eat it but I told him the water was dirty and the fish at home taste better. Then we had breakfast at the sugar shack with timmy turner. Then it was off the protest for dunphy’s spot in the surfing hall of fame as well as hold signs in front of the surfline web cam at HB. Funzone in Nwport was the next stop. Nohorai was happy about that. Took a pit bull for a walk in my custom wife beater. Then put our 80’s style photo from 54th up in the surfing hall of fame. we just left it there. Hope everyone enjoys it. We caught up with Richie Collins for Nohorai’s skeletor hair cut. Later that night we got the call to go catch Cameron form MTV’S Laguna Beach at a party in South Laguna. end of day 4
The plan on day 5 was to get up early and move North but we had forgotten to pick up our rocker outfits. We went to the surgar shack to visit timmy again. Then to seal beach shitty pier. Made me think why does cali have so many piers???. We drove the 101 which I have never done so was cool. Lunada bay was nice I caught a wave and saw fish in cali water for the first time.

Billabong Team Blog: Day 6
We got a really late start today.  But we ended up accomplishing some stuff.  We connected with Pascal Stansfield from Freedom Artists.  We got his photo.  Plus some.  Pascal is a madman and a ton of fun.  Have you seen his pad?  Hard place to leave.
Now the plug…
Here’s your chance to come be a part of history in the making.
The Cali Rally is coming to Ventura.  The Billabong Team will be at the VENTURA MALL PAC  SUN  Tuesday, July 15th between 1- 3pm.  (Pacific View Mall, 3301 E. Main St., Ventura CA 93003)
Come hang out with the Billabong Team while on their crazy journey up the coast.
– Ryan Briggs will be on his 8th day in the same outfit.
– Alejandro will be completing the “Be PT for a day” challenge by wearing a pink outfit and talking in an Aussie accent.
– Tommy will be completing the “Be Laird for a Day” challenge by wearing trunks and a lifejacket.
– And Johnny Craft will be trying to make out with cougars.
The team will be signing autographs and taking pictures.
Most importantly – Purchase $20 of anything in the store and get a free Billabong T-shirt.  This is the Pac Sun sell off Challenge and you can help us smoke the Hurley, …Lost and Volcom teams.
So come down, hang out, buy stuff and watch for YOUR photo online on, on youtube and in Transworld SURF Mag.


Billabong Team Blog: Day 5
We surfed!  Weeeee ssssssuuuuurrrrffffed.  Weeeeeeeee sssuuuurrrrrfffed.  HA HA HA. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrfeddd  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  ssssssssssssssssssssuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfed
We are slowly losing our sanity.  Getting to go surf Lowers was great.  A little bit of a recharge.  We didn’t want to leave.
We ran into the …Lost Team and Volcom Team.  Apparently Volcom had unloaded several cans of Silly String inside of  the …Lost truck.  Those guys aren’t very good about rolling up their windows.  Volcom was on their “super secret stealth mission” at San O’.  So were we.  Difference was – we saw them first.  We get points for tagging other teams vehicles.  Since they were resting with their legs hanging out of the vehicle, we decided to tag their leg instead.  Just to let them know we were there.  Funny stuff.
Then we ran into …Lost again at the top of the Lowers trail.  Volcom had silly stringed them again!  And planted a huge stone that took up the whole hood along with a ton of other stones.  We were laughing are asses off.  The …Lost / Volcom rivalry is strong and seems a little personal.
The rest of the day consisted of more speedos, more nakedness, more costumes and plenty of photos.  So will tomorrow…

Volcom Team Blog: Day 5
Blah blah barf in your face, autopilot for standard mischief,  Newps tax, Sadistic Lowers, Bildadong sways views?
1-2-3-4-5-6-Barney.  Cali Rally…shit.—mg

…Lost Team Blog: Day 5
Day 57. I mean day of the dead. Day 5,  I think. Sickness, heat stroke, tired of each other, but what saves the …lost crew  is 3 to 5 at lowers with ten guys.?!?!what a sat.??ten guys. Not much work done except simmo making out with a 30+ year old, and getting a photo w/ a legit celeb. Ash rollerbladed to uppers and the whole crew ripped the sw swell. Woody, chase, crusti, and ash definitely blew out the fillabong crew as a whole. Our form carves and blow tails were seen from up on the trail. Tomorrow its back on the prowl, I mean rally trail for points and chaos. Good times had by all, we even shared lunch with competitors. …really lost

CALI RALLY TEAM BLOGS: DAY 4Team Hurley (minus Stopnik and Devries) do the Danny Kwock/Echo Beach thing in Newport.

…Lost Team Blog: Day 4
It was a long day doing challenges. Lowers, slip-n-slide at creek, Laguna 4 on 4, Newport and Huntington pier shoots “brah”, paddling across channels, we thought we might be behind after a disgraceful performance on the bmx track.  We then were attacked by the Volcorn biker gang which was funny even though crusty’s car took 5 cans of silly string in the cab as the window was rolled down.  Woody got naked AGAIN and got tubed at the wedge, Chase skimmed in Speedos, and we almost completed all of the OC bro challenges.  The blog seems to get smaller as the Rally presses on.  Fatigue? Burnout? Nah more like Chaos! and Comedy! Well its off to bed to try and recharge for another big day tomorrow.
Oh yeah did I tell you about sitting in Skeletors front yard watching Woody go under the Knife or should I say Scissors.  He actually volunteered for the doo.
Probably gonna surf some waves tomorrow out the front and then start hitting up the cool people of Palos Verdes and the South Bay..See you at Lunada!!!!!!!!
…LOSt EnTerPrisES ……”Team Black Sheep”

Billabong Team Blog: Day 4
Where is everyone?
After running into Hurley and …Lost repeatedly over the last few days, we did not see a team all day today until we ran into Volcom at the Wedge around dusk.  We caught them at our van mid-sabo but only suffered some silly string and a couple stones.
It’s scary being out there all alone.  If you keep bumping into teams you at least feel like your keeping pace.  Now we don’t know if we’re ahead or behind everyone.  Maybe we celebrated the BMX win too hard.
One of the tasks was to make the American Idol taping Friday night at Staples Center for 300 points.  That’s a lot of points by the way.  We read about that task around 8 pm while we were in Newport Beach.  Sick.  Missed that one.  Hopefully, so did all of the other teams.
As we run around all day long we obviously interact with people who are going about their normal lives and it is kind of weird.  Buying speedos, rollerblades, pirate costumes and lube – sometimes while wearing speedos, you tend to get some weird looks.  Funny thing is, the further we get into this, the more normal it seems.  “ok everyone – back in the speedos, put on the pink zinka and go play volleyball.” just rolls off the tongue nowadays.  Our whole lives have become consumed with acquiring points.  “Move it lady!  Can’t you see we’re trying to get to the Wedge so we can boogieboard naked!”  Rollerblading has never been so important.  Briggs is convinced he will be a different person after the Cali Rally.  I think everyone will be.
So we’re done for the day.  Exhausted.  6 more days…

Volcom Team Blog: Day 4
We saw Hurley used one of their own to tape and condimentize, we thought that was a good idea, so we nabbed a Hurley rider ourselves to do the same.
Team house party every Friday, brainstorming in a violent manner, stealth mission near launch.

DAY 3 BLOGSThe Volcom team at Oceanside's Main Attraction.

Volcom Team Blog: Day 3
9:00am pile…..escuela de surf con pedro y angel….nate…overdrawn accounts at the main attraction. Hell bent on destruction, like it said in the instructions….still buzzed.  Denim demons, dirt burns, sprockets, smokes and spokes.
-mg, mm, ag

…Lost Team Blog: Day 3
Cleaning up challenges in SD. Crusty,rob curtis,hops wall and ollies in the OB skate park. A bum goes over the handlebars while trying to stop for the …lost screams. We rollerbladed, rode the coaster in mission, then finished up our SD rally by surfing seaside w/ rob machado. We then rested for the bike race. Good thing we did, it helped us to our solid 4th place out of 4. New packets of challenges. F you transworld. Here we come OC. Watch out all u gimmick clowns. …lost is coming to a town near u. …lost enterprises

Billabong Team Blog: Day 3
Bullet Points from Day 3…
We met up with Marty Allen from Mad Surf designs.
We pelted the Hurley Team bus with fruit.
We got in a toilet paper / egg fight with the Surfing Mag staff.
We slipped and slided the hill at Salt Creek.
Tommy O got a Skeletor haircut from  the man himself.
We brought carne asada tacos to Mickey.
Tommy O’ won the bike race and had the fastest lap time.
1500 points baby! Pure…Golden…Sweet…Delicious…Points.


Billabong Team Blog: Day 2

If we make it out of this alive noone will have their sanity left.

Today we got in a pretty good food fight w/ one of the other teams.  I won’t say who  (but they are the only team with several punctuation marks in their name).  It was pretty classic.

We were in the Cardiff Reef parking lot all the way down at the end. They had pulled in the beginning of the lot and parked.  They didn’t see us at the other end but we saw them.  We got our tomatoes and oranges ready.  Chad got out and ran up to the truck to film the (ahem) …mayhem.  They were like, “Hey Chad, what’s up?’ as we pulled up.  We had a hip hop song blasting, driving all slow, like some hoodrat movie.  I made eye contact with one of the guys as we rolled by and I just said, “Duck.”  He looked at me like, “huh?”  Not sure if he just didn’t hear me cuz of the song or he just didn’t understand – maybe both, but regardless that’s when the fruit started flying.  They ducked for cover and we let it rain.  Problem was, we had to wait for Chad to hobble back to the van (he’s got a hurt leg right now) and truth be told, the …Lost guys regrouped quickly and started throwin’ our own veggies back at us.  Rd 1: Draw

Rd 2

For some reason we keep bumping into …Lost and Hurley, but haven’t seen Volcom but once.  Today it seemed like our team and the …Lost team were on the same schedule.  We had just put our gear on the Cardiff statue (allegedly) for 100 points and ten minutes later we’re going through the light and the …Lost guys were doing the same.  We started beeping out horn and yelling at them “Hey get down from there!” and stuff to get attention focused on them.  Funny thing was, they finished no prob, but now knew where we were, since we had to pull back into the Cardiff Reef parking lot. Apparently, they had picked up all of our fruit and veggies and were saving it for us.  We were in the parking lot like sitting ducks as we watched them pull in.  All we could do was roll up our windows and wait.  Flashback to the Hoodrat movie.

They made 2 crucial mistakes.  One – they unloaded all the fruit on us as they drove in, cuz ya see, the Cardiff Reef parking lot is a dead end.  Ya have to come back through to get out.  Two – they didn’t roll up their windows.  So they unloaded on us and we grabbed everything and waited for them.  Briggs hid real well behind the van.  As they drove by, he ran straight up to the truck and threw this huge squishy split tomato point blank into the truck.  He said he could see Woody’s face all in slow mo going, “OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiitttttt!” (slow mo voice) as  the tomato hit the inside and blew up in his face, all over Simmons neck and basically splattering the inside of the truck.  Rd 2: 10 – 8 Billabong

That was definitely the highlight, but we did a ton of other stuff too.  Oh, gotta mention Johnny made out w/ a 60 year old – funny thing was he woulda done it despite the points.

Only Day 2….

…Lost Team Blog: Day Two
Day two was more ruckus and crazy stunts.  Woody got nude at Blacks and wore a green speedo all day, running in Carlsbad, buying stuff from Seaside Market, and surfing a wave at Swamis on an old log.  Ash King surfed as a pirate at Buccaneer Beach in O’Side and got his head shaved with the whole team and manager.  Robert Curtis shot the Oceanside pier and wanted to surf every spot we passed.  Chase Willy made out with a stranger on the Oceanside Pier  and walked down the Ho Chi Minh trail at Blacks with Ash and Robert.  We left miss you cards for Colin and Banning and we bought a surf CD from Lou’s. Simmons swam to the shark buoy at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach shitting himself the whole way.  We did damage and had some inflicted upon us…Lost Enterprises…

Hurley Team Blog: Day 2
Day 2 was amazing. We started the day buying a dozen donuts at VG’S in Cardiff that Scotty finished by 3pm. After that Pete and Dunphy surfed Blacks naked holding hands.  Then it was on to teaching a migrant worker how to surf as well as a bum. Dunphy was working the girls at D Street in Encinitas for numbers and a tandem partner. Angel the Mexican had skills and got up on his 4th wave. Dunphy pushed the bum into a couple right away. At 1pm we had our retail challenge at Pac Sun. Don’t tell the other teams what we made. I wrote more but it got erased and I’m fu–king tired its midnight. Good night—Kahea

Volcom Team Blog: Day Two
Rally through California…not even Satan can stop us. Day two.

We were posted up at the Poseidon bar for too long…Barney disappeared and misinterpreted the challenge…”teach a migrant worker to surf” and it twisted into ‘teach a midget to surf’…shit. No points but priceless photo.

Headless dickman? Or manless dickhead? Either way this dick rides for Volcom.

It looks like Nate’s winning this wrestling match with a frontside chokehold.


Barney cant skate for shit, but he’s sure fun to ollie over.–mikeG, Morrissey, Gieger, Carey, while the others bite the pillow.


Hurley Team Blog: Day 1Kahea Hart throwing down some ink on a lovely lady

It’s been a long day, and it feels like we been doing this for weeks already.  Some of the highlights of today were: surfing in front of the Cardiff Chart House in speedos and a huge hurley cape.  Shopping at Seaside Market in my speedo. Dunphy swimming Fletcher Cove where the guy got eaten by the white shark and taking photos with two lesbo biker chicks at the Kraken. We also ate a nice dinner in our wetsuits.

Looking forward to surfing Blacks naked tomorrow–Kahea…

Billabong Team Blog: Day 1

So today was the first day of Cali Rally.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was trying to be prepared for anything.  Nothing can prepare you for the Cali Really though…

I’m pulling the strings for the Billabong team which consists of Johnny Craft, Tommy O’Brien, Ryan Briggs and Alejandro Moreda.  We have Chad Towersy along for the ride filming all the antics.  We have a good crew.  Everyone gets along and is trying to stay focused – So far.

The Cali Rally has a point system for different challenges that the minds at TWS have come up with.  The “minds” at TWS include the Cote bros., Checkwood and Pat Towersy, who could all be clinically insane.  Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for us – the Cali Rallyers, these guys are allowed to roam free coming up with ways to make us sacrifice our dignity.

We started off the day with a Paddle Relay Race at PB Pier.  We didn’t do so well.  We ended up in 3rd out of the 4 teams.  For future reference, if your thinking about paddling a large yellow blow up dragon in any kind of paddle race – don’t.

From there we went about the day checking off as many of the million (maybe there’s 2 million – not sure – haven’t counted) “challenges” as we could.  We skated OB Park, rode the Wavehouse wave and the whole team rollerbladed down the strand at Mission Beach just to name a few.

Honestly, the Cali Rally is one of the most hectic things I have been involved with.  We did not stop moving all day.  It’s 11:15 pm as I’m writing this.  It was heavy.  The team is exhausted.  But truth be told, I laughed more today then I have in years.  We’re only in day one and we already have crazy memories. This is gonna be an adventure nobody is gonna forget

I gotta send in a daily update, so keep checking back, cuz I’d like to think someone is actually reading my dribble.  And come by the mandatory challenges for some good entertainment value and root on your favorite team. –-Chris Heffner

Team Volcom Blog: Day 1The Volcom team had a run in with the Border Patrol...

Gut wrench, border patrol, 200-ton whales, not pink enough to party, waiting, dolphin polisher, heroes, ???…i don’t know.

This doesn’t get any better….

Drunk and down ’til first light, but our day 2 already begun…fuck.-mg

…Lost Team Blog: Day 1

Well day one is almost over as we sip on some …Lost energy drink.  What a day it was.. To show up this morning, not knowing what was going to happen, was exciting for all team members.

Of course taking the win at the Nixon PB Pier Paddle Challenge and feeling that Victory feeling made the day so much more worthwhile.  Coming in to the inaugural Cali Rally …Lost was looking for a victory.

Watching Big Willy (Chase Wilson) outpaddle Kahea Hart in an intense paddle race, for the win,  on a blow up crocodile and shark was hilarious and exciting.  Woody’s 30 length lead in the first 5 min. was impressive too (on a crocodile).

The surf was pumping 3-5 feet and pulsing all morning with nonstop, 5 wave sets.  The boys were exhausted.

We then completed the checklist, somewhat.

Woody pooed in the water while he was down by Tijuana Sloughs, then paddled down to where the boys were warming up for the team wave, team chop hop (one guy may not have pulled it) so we may have to review the film.

High tailing it straight to the WaveHouse where Hurley and Billabong were leaving the boys were amped for the ten second tube ride.  Robert Curtis and Ash King both got barreled for over ten seconds…bellyboarding??????

We then got …Lost in La Jolla trying to find the shack at Windansea for a photo, we wanted to moon the Billy boys but they had driven off already.  Robert Curtis wanted to go surf some reef, but we left for Seaside to check it for a surf.  No go, so Robert snaked a SUP guy at Cardiff Reef, I got the shot, Chase missed the video clip…f–kin’ grom! He even snapped off an air reverse at the end bowl.

Gaining points but getting exhausted we finished the Cali Rally Day One sharing a wave at Ponto for the Team Split the Peak for 200 points.

Looking forward to surfing nude at blacks, dropping miss you cards, trying to kiss a girl on O’Side pier, and Rob Machado called me back and said since …Lost is in town he’s flying back from Bali and wants to ride a fish for the upcoming fish movie.  Day Two: nobody knows, nobody cares…–Ryan Simmons