Cali Rally: The Pac Sun Sell Off Team Challenge

Chris StraleyWelcome to the real world Cali Rallyer’s. Yep, time to get a job. And what better to place to work than the Pac Sun store at the Horton Plaza mall in San Diego? It’s called the “Pac Sun Sell Off Team Challenge” and the first of the teams to go was the Hurley squad consisting of Kahea Hart, Peter Devries, Scotty Stopnik, and Michael Dunphy.

They were assigned the San Diego store and had a two-hour window from 1-3pm. The mall was packed with a culturally wide array of summertime shoppers looking to get into some new gear.

“I hope they know Spanish,” said the Pac Sun District Manager when we met. “We get a lot of Spanish speakers here.”

I immediately thought of the lone Canadian, Peter Devries. “You aspeaka Spanish, Pedro?”


“How ’bout you, Dunphy?”

“Hola?” he guessed.

This could be a long two hours…

Just then a hand shot up, it was Nohorai’s, Kahea’s 10-year old son who is tagging along with the guys.

“I speak five languages!” he fired out to nobody in particular. And that was it, led by the grom who was launching his old man’s earplugs out of his nose and onto the ground (“Fire in the hole!” he’d yell) it was game on.Michael Dunphy selling his game, the pecker wrecker isn't interested.

A flurry of shoppers were greeted by Kahea and Devries (both who’ve worked in surf shops growing up) given style tips from the eclectic Stopnik, and generally pestered by Dunphy and Nohorai.

After two hours, the boys were wiped out from the grind so we hit up the store manager for the sales total which will be revealed at a later date, but suffice to say, thee guys got some retail skills! Next up: The Volcom team invades Fashion Island in Newport…–Justin Cote

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