Cali Rally Video: The Skullcandy Roller Derby Bash

Checkpoint #1 of the 2010 Cali Rally from the ASR Trade Show in San Diego—the Skullcandy Roller Derby Bash—sees a bloody and broken bone filled battle between the four teams as they chase after the 1,000 points given to the winner. The dirtiest play of the day? Check our team Rusty’s Damien “Dooma” Fahrenfort take out one of the roller derby girls with a blind cheap shot at the 2:40 mark…

Filmed and edited by Toby Ogden.

What the hell is the Cali Rally?
The TransWorld SURF Cali Rally is an annual scavenger hunt style race from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Featuring four teams of four surfers, each team gets a list of "challenges" that they must complete to earn points that go towards their overall Cali Rally point total. Along the way, teams must compete in four "Checkpoint Challenges" that range from shirtless paintball wars to tandem BMX races. Checkpoint Challenges are worth 1,000 points each. Extra points are awarded at the discretion of TransWorld SURF and can be earned for various feats including broken bones, heroic acts of courage, and making out with old ladies. Previous winning teams include Analog (2009) and Billabong (2008).

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