California mom attacked by shark tells her story on ‘Good Morning America’; video

It's been nearly three months since Leeanne Ericson was attacked by a great white shark at Church at San Onfore State Beach. After eight surgeries and nine weeks in the intensive care unit, Ericson is beginning to make significant progress.

The 36-year-old mother of three appeared on "Good Morning America" today to tell her shark attack survival story.

"I felt it grab me and pull me down,” Ericson recalls. “I just remember thinking about my kids and him. And then trying to push the shark off of me — I just started digging at what felt like a cup of Jell-O.”

That “cup of Jell-O” she felt digging at was what they assume to be the shark’s eye. Telling the story with her boyfriend, Dusty Phillips, they recall that they were on his surfboard together when he turned around for a wave and Ericson was attacked.

Phillips eventually got Ericson back to shore, where the quick-acting efforts of many on the beach saved Ericson’s life.

Ericson’s attack is seen as the beginning of a summer of heightened shark activity in Southern California.

When asked how much it costs to get attacked by a shark, Ericson blurts out “millions” and adds a chuckle. For her antibiotics alone it has cost nearly $36,000, she states. Ericson’s mother had started a GoFundMe campaign, which they hope will help with the astronomical medical costs.

While Ericson still has a tough battle ahead of her, she is certainly defying the odds to this point.

Leeanne Ericson and her boyfriend, Dusty Phillips.

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