California O’Neill Braggers Cup Surf Shop Challenge presented by TransWorld SURF To Be Held September 28 In Huntington Beach.

As September 28th looms in the near future, we’re on a countdown from the low-down throw-down battle that we call the California Braggers Cup. Being held at 9th Street in Huntington Beach, this surf shop challenge is exactly that: an all out battle. Much like the days of old when you were challenged to a duel or shootout to defend your lass’s honor, or simply perform your warrior duties and win the prize and respect of your peers, that’s what’s at stake at this unique event. The Braggers Cup is truly all about honor and yes, a little bragging. Okay, a lot of bragging. The format consists of sixteen surf shops from all over California that have two shop employees and two team riders that collectively surf as a team against each other. They try to wax their opponents, leaving them on the beach crying and looking for their mamas!

The Braggers Cup is where we match up the rivalries between shops and put them in the ring and let them duke it out. It is really fun and exciting to be in the box where the teams are designated to wait for their turn to surf. The format goes like this: One 4 man team surfs in a heat together. The team members work together to insure everyone gets a good wave. The best wave from each team member comprises the heat score. In a regular contest, you’re trying to keep your competitor of the waves. In this format, you’re actually encouraging everyone in the heat to get a good wave because they’re your bros! The format is truly entertaining as there is pressure to contend with and each wave is scored whether you blow up or bog. There is a lot of strategy involved, time management is key, and making sure everyone gets a good wave is a priority. Bottom line, overall good team surfing is what prevails.

Some of the best action goes on inside the VIP tents on the beach. Dissing your opponent is recommended. Yelling for them to dig rail is encouraged! If someone falls trying a big floater and looks like a kook, then it’s a time for a small celebration. So just be ready for your opponent’s to erupt with loud raucous cheers and severe hazing after you attempt your Cory-like air reverse that ends up looking like a monkey in heat!

Ultimately, the California O’Neill Braggers Cup Surf Shop Challenge presented by TransWorld SURF gets to settle the question: Which shop has the best team? So the stakes are high. The losers walk away with free gear, free food, a great time, and free fun. But the winners walk away with the coveted Braggers Cup (which is made with 14K gold, precious jewels and diamonds- not really- but it’s still pretty cool) and obtain the prestigious title of “Champions which gives them the right to brag! The winning team also gets cash, free gear, and a free ad in TransWorld SURF which is huge in itself. Then, last but not least, the winners will be entered into the drawing to win a free trip to the North Shore, a bbq at the O’Neill Pipe House, accommodations at the Turtle Bay Resort, and VIP passes to watch the World Cup of Surfing presented by O’Neill held at Sunset Beach! But probably the best thing is when they get to hoist that Braggers Cup in the entryway of their surf shop and say, “That’s right; our shop’s the best!

So if you are not already in, contact you local rep to get information, and sign up now because space is limited. Braggers Cup held September 28 at 9th Street Huntington Beach.