Calif’s Newest Surf Shop Opens Its Doors


Grand Opening Scheduled for November 14th

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 10th, 2010  San Francisco Surf Company, Californias newest surf shop, has recently opened its doors with a Grand Opening scheduled for November 14th. Providing organic, eco-friendly clothing from small and mid-range brands you won’t find at major department stores, SF Surf Co. features surfboards shaped by Jeff Clark Surfboards and bio-friendly Entropy Surfboards. SF Surf Co. also has a bookstore with surf collections and travel guides, and an art gallery featuring surf-themed paintings and photography.
“In a lot of ways, this shop is the first of its kind,” said owner Cyrus Saatsaz, who has spent years covering surfing for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, Fuel.TV and USA Today in addition to webcast commentating surf contests at Maverick’s. “Rather than be some core shop that appeals only to the most hardcore of surfers, we’ve created a surf boutique that is welcoming to all who embrace the surfing lifestyle.”
SF Surf Co. is the first surf shop located in San Francisco’s Marina District, just minutes from one of the world’s most famous surf breaks Fort Point, which breaks directly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. “Ten years ago people would think I was crazy for not only opening a shop so close to Fort Point, but also for basing my logo around San Francisco’s most iconic wave,” said Saatsaz, who was born in nearby Novato, CA and has lived in San Francisco for over a decade. “San Francisco doesn’t have a lot of surf shops, especially quality ones. All but one are owned by people who are from out of the area. Hopefully SF Surf Co. can capture the essence of San Francisco and surfing.”
SF Surf Co. has apparel and accessories by Rusty, Honolua Surf Co., RVCA, O’Neill, Hippy Tree, Rhythm, Nikita, Prana, SF Surf Co’s private label, Electric, Arnette, Sanuk, Freestyle, Ted Shreds, Headhunter, FCS & many more. Nearly all apparel is of the softest, organic materials suited both for comfort and style. The art gallery features paintings by world-renowned artist DJ Kiggins and pro surfer Homer Henard, and photography by Maverick’s photographers Ed Grant and Seth Migdail.
The Grand Opening is scheduled for Sunday, November 14th from Noon – 3 PM with a special Grand Opening sale, 10% off all apparel and accessories. Free wine courtesy of Longboard Vineyards and free Great White beer courtesy of Lost Coast Brewery will be served.
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