Cancer To Capricorn: Reef’s New Movie Trailer

We’ve been hearing whispers of a Reef movie set to come out sometime in 2010. And we’ve also heard that our good buddy and budding cinematographer Russell Brownley has been filming for it, and is actually the director. When we heard that we knew this thing had tons of potential. While watching the Vans Hawaiian Pro webcast yesterday, one of the commercials was our first look at the movie, Cancer To Capricorn: The Path Of The Modern Gypsy.

After wrapping my head around the bad ass title I was pretty blown away by the trailer. No surprise though since Russell is the one behind the lens. Check out the above trailer and enjoy. And stay tuned for more on this from It’s slotted to come out this summer, so there’s definitely gonna be some anticipation for this thing. Oh yeah, I’m sure there will be some Reef bikini girls interspersed throughout, just for good measure…

To see more of Russell’s work, head to here.

Head here for the movie’s website.