Capeboatworks and Magic Seaweed Team Up With Grain Surfboards

Grain Home Grown Surfboard kits have been in growing demand from our friends in Australia and Europe since we first started shipping them over a year ago. But the high costs of shipping, on both the environment and the wallet, has made it too difficult for large number of surfers to build and surf their own Grain Surfboard. As a first step towards getting surfers overseas hooked up with Grain, weve recently signed on Capeboatworks of NSW Australia to produce Home Grown Surfboard kits using locally sourced, farm-grown Paulownia and Magicseaweed of the UK as a European Distributor.

One of the core values at Grain Surfboards is to operate with as little impact on the global environment as possible. Our new partnerships with Capeboatworks and Magicseaweed will allow us to offer the experience of building Home Grown Surfboard kits to a new group of surfers while reducing the overall impact of overseas shipping and production.

At Grain, our aim is to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from our processes. So instead of shipping kits with wood from our local forests in Maine all the way to Australia, our new partner, Capeboatworks of New South Wales, will save literally 10,000 miles worth of carbon emissions from transportation by using farm-grown Paulownia from their own neck of the woods. Like our own northern white cedar, this wood has all the properties needed to make great surfboards – its lightweight, and strong and can be harvested at a sustainable-yield rate, all of which make Paulownia a great choice for a greener alternative to foam. If you live in or around Australia you should be able to get a Grain Home Grown Surfboard Kit using sustainably harvested Paulownia from Capeboatworks in the near future. Check their website here:

Our long-term goal is to offer our boards and kits in primary surf regions around the world using woods that are not only local to the region but sustainably managed as well. While we havent found that resource in Europe yet, were certain that the opportunity will present itself. In the mean time, Magicseaweed   has become one of the best online resources for surf news, wave forecasts, surf products, photos, travel news and more. You can check out HomeGrown Kits at their online store at:

Grain Surfboards has been concerned with reducing the environmental impact of our surfing since the beginning. Our green ethic has become integral, not incidental – and resulting in action, not hype. It started with the simple choice of wood over other, toxic alternatives and has continued through our apparel product line and now into overseas distribution.

These humble beginnings are the roots of what will continue to be a top-to-bottom commitment to reducing impacts at every level of our operations. Though we still have a long way to go, we are excited about all the opportunities we are uncovering to lessen our impact on the planet through the simple act of riding waves. Our new partnerships with Capeboatworks and Magic Seaweed are just one more step forward, that yields us some great, new friends overseas and another way to do better for the planet.

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