Captions for Australia story – 4.7

Captions for Australia story

1. “Crikey! What a beautiful toss, mate!” Taj Burrow goes up, out west. Photo: Twiggy2. Luke “Stedsy” Stedman. Mesh-hat tea-time in Burleigh Heads. Photo: English3. Oz punts in Oz much to the awe of all. Photo: Twiggy4. Pub tourists Jon Rose and Ben Bourgeois. Photo: Tim Jones5. Tim Reyes goes yabbo and barges The Box. Photo: Bielmann6. Pascal looks at you from down unda. Photo: Reposar7. Jeremy Heit lays into a New South Wales lip after a seventeen-hour set of plane flights. Photo: Checkwood8. Koby Abberton tries to hide from the paparazzi at The Box. Photo: Tim Jones9. Nick Wallace blows out the back in the Outback. Photo: Reposar10. Part of the “new Oz order,” Jay Phillips. Photo: Reposar11. Parko drains the piss at his twenty-first birthday party somewhere in the Wild West-West Australia, that is. Photo: Reposar12. Parkinson tells the Earth’s gravitational pull to “piss off, you c-t!” Photo: Reposar13. Micah Byrne takes a trip that most tourists miss. Straight into the bowel of a WA drainpipe. Photo: Tim Jones14. Shadowman pops a sunset slinger on Mars. Photo: Reposar15. From Southern California to NSW, Jason Bennett has been known to wreck shop. Photo: Checkwood16. You’ll never find it (and they’ll kill you if you do). Photo: Reposar17. Jon Rose tickles a blue urethra at another place you won’t find-If you do find it, the locals are gray, have fangs, and eat people. Photo: Tim Jones18. Jun Jo tears Oz’s ocean. Photo: Checkwood19. Dave Weare whips a wicket. Photo: English20. Come on down and surf with your friends. Photo: English21. Man-Child makes for the friendly skies on Australia Airlines. Photo: Reposar22. Asher Nolan makes an Occy-esque face while lapping a lipper. Photo: English23. Brendan Hearne blasts a backside beauty, keeping his hands free to pan for gold on the Goldie. Photo: Reposar24. The legend himself, Tom Carroll. Photo: English25. Catto claws a D-bah wedge. Photo: English26. Artist, surfer, bird’s nest hair-farmer, Nathan Webster. Photo: English27. A surfer friendly spot like Shark Island is a great place to learn how to tube ride (if you’re a young psycho like Evan Falks). Photo: Tim Jones28. Presso loves America, but there’s no place like home. Photo: Checkwood29. The prince of soul, Rasta styles perfectly through another turn. Photo: Bosko30. Don’t even ask. 31. Wardo’s no stranger to the sucking bowls of The Box or the sweet taste of an ice-cold V.B. Photo: Twiggy32. Dino digs hard and destroys a beachy peak to end a great f-king article about Australia. Rah-rah-rah! Hooray for us! Photo: English.