Captions for Brazil – 4.5

T Captions for Brazil

1. A bunch of dudes covering up their boners.2. (Butt photos right to left) Walking butt, Jogging butt, Crossing butt, Bending butt, Standing butt, Laying butt, Butt butt.3.Geoff Brack backs his thing up, whoo-woo.4. Wardo wipes.5. Wardo whips.6. Gabe Kling throws frontside slingers amid girls with butt flingers.7. Freddy P. pokes a grabbed floater on a foamy monster.8. Troy “Brooko” Brooks banks backside. 9. Huntington mysto-warrior Mike Hoisington hacks heavily.10. Frontside gouge and matching hair and trunk coordination by Mike Todd.11. Aaron Cormican shown here not doing a Gorkin-flip-it’s a wicked backside snapper.