Captions for photo Section 4-9 – 4.8

Captions for photo Section 4-9

1.Gentleman, start your shakas! Here’s a picture of Rizal doing something you wish you were doing right now. Note the perfect style and hand positioning-Rizal is a legend. Photo: D. Hump
2.Here’s Damien Hobgood bottom turning, as seen from the boat you aren’t on, because you’ve never been to Fiji. Photo: Bielmann
3.Dave Pinto executes a hard, sharp turn on the upper section of a cresting wave. As you can see, Dave uses speed to throw spray, which makes people happier than when there is no spray. Photo: English
4.Another fine use of redirectional surfing, performed by Fred Pattachia. Fred uses leg strength and rail foil to slash at the top of a Hawai’ian wave. Photo: Bielmann
5.Jon Robertson grabs the rail with his hand to steady himself as he places his entire body into the tube of a wave. People think this is a cakewalk, however, it’s rather difficult. Photo: Troyer
6. Cale Grigson launches a 180-degree aerial trick most magicians can only perform using strings and mirrors, none of which were used here. Photo: Bosko
7. This is a photograph of Chaz Akers doing a leashless backside air-tear. His board is made of foam and fiberglass, like a lightweight racing boat. Photo: Bielmann
8.This is a wave that most would love to ride. It is, however, going unridden at this time. This can be a good thing, because what if the guy on the wave was dressed like an idiot and ruining the photo? Photo: Nelly
9.Whoa! Kieran Horn is all up in your face doing a slashy lipslide thingamajig. If you look closely, you can see a guy on the cliff wearing a white lab coat. Photo: Nelly