Card’s Gone Wild In Tahiti


Wildcard, Bruno Santos, defeated fellow wildcard, Manoa Drollet, in the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Santos made it through 16 consecutive heats to become the first Brazilian to win an ASP World Tour event in five years.

?I?m really happy, my dreams just came true,? said Santos. ?Today is not the perfect day to surf the final, but I don?t care I?m still happy. It?s still the best day of my life.?

Santos finished 2nd to Jamie O’Brien in the Trials, which gave him a slot in the main event, so he surfed two entire contests at Teahupoo in the last few weeks. Another side note is he made it through the Quarters, Semis and Finals on a borrowed board.

?I got two little barrels and then there were no more waves, I don?t know, maybe Mother Nature was trying to help me,? said Santos. ?Today is so small and my 6?3 was too big so I borrowed a board from a French guy in the channel. He saved my life, I want to keep the board.?

Fanning, Burrow and Hobgood all fell to the Brazilian as he bulldozed his way to his meetiing with Drollet. The waves were anything but spectacular, Teahupoo looked like Ala Moana Bowls on an average day, and so were the scores. Santos beat Drollet 9.16 to 6.83, this had to be one of the lowest scoring finals in WCT history.

?The waves in the trials were so perfect and I have surfed the best barrels of my life in this event. I got injured in the trials and had to get 15 stitches and not surf for 15 days. My first heat back was the one against Mick Fanning that I won in the last minute so I knew from then that luck was on my side,? said Santos.

Teahupoo local, Drollet, is considered one of the best in the world at the spot, but in the Final it simply wasn’t Teaupoo.

?The waves were small but they were small for him too,? said Drollet. ?He did better in the final and he deserved to win. Getting so close to winning the event gets you nervous and there were not many waves. Bruno was putting pressure on me and he had priority. I was paying more attention to him than the waves. I let him take that first one which was a big mistake ? he won there.?

Well, on to Tavaura. At least we got one day of good surf in Tahiti. Maybe things will come together at Cloudbreak. Stay tuned for a …MORINformed interview with Fred Patacchia on the subject of waves, or the lack there of, on the WCT.