Carlos Burle Takes Home 2nd Amidst Some Heavy Contenders At The Red Bull BWA

Carlos Burle earning his keep. Photo courtesy Finisterre.

St Agnes, North Cornwall, UK – August 21, 2008

"Pure commitment and discipline is what consistently puts this guy in the world's top three big wave surfers every year, we just love watching what Carlos does in and out of the water – congratulation my man", remarked an animated Ernest Capbert (Marketing Director at Finisterre), after Carlos Burle's result at the Red Bull Big Wave Africa earlier this month.

The Red Bull Big Wave Africa is the second longest running big wave event in the World.  This year's event saw one of the biggest swells in the last few years hit South Africa's coast with every big wave rider looking on and when the decision to go green was called, 'many riders looked on with great anticipation and racing adrenaline levels', said Carlos Burle.

South Africa's Baker, who hails from Durban, dominated the half hour final with two bomb waves, which he rode resolutely, scoring 8.2 and 9. Like previous winner John Whittle, also of Durban, Baker modestly attributed his victory to luck, saying he was fortunate the winning waves came his way, before he dedicated the win to his late father, who passed away 20 years ago to the day last weekend.

Runner up Burle spent the latter half of the heat chasing Twiggy's scores, but couldn't quite find the second big set he required. The same counted for 2003 BWA victor Long, who scored a perfect 10-point tube ride earlier in the day and caught the first wave of the final, taking off deep on a massive wall and riding it high and critical in the pocket, but spent the rest of the time scratching around trying to find a back-up wave.

"Carlos overall, has been quick out of the gates in both the paddle and tow world with a second place finish in Africa and a current world ranking of no:3 in the APT tour, we're looking forward to following Carlos' year and backing him whenever we can, said Finisterre Founder Tom Kay.”

Finisterre is a small and exclusive brand on the cliffs of Northern Cornwall, pioneering in the areas of sustainability and technical apparel for the surfer.

The Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008 is done and dusted and the official results are now in: South Africa's Twiggy Baker has won. What an insane contest, the 15 to 20 foot sets and clean conditions a fitting way to celebrate the event's 10th year. After the prize giving, conducted in front of a huge and vocal crowd from the Nauticat, quayside in Hout Bay Harbour, the full final results are: Twiggy Baker (RSA) in first, Carlos Burle (BRZ) second, Greg Long (USA) third, James Taylor (RSA) fourth, Anthony Tashnick (USA) fifth and Mark Healy (HI) in sixth.

“It was a Friday night and, while the whole world was talking about the Olympic Games, I was focused on what was going to happen at the very next day.

I knew that there was something big about to come. My body felt it, and my adrenaline was high.

The forecast was right and the giant swell, that came from the South Atlantic, approached Cape Town with full strength on Saturday, August 9th.

Carlos Burle, Greg Long, Grant Baker, Ramon Navarro, Mark Healey, Jamie Sterling, and others big wave surfers, which were there since the Red Bull Big Waves Africa, had the opportunity to ride one of the greatest
swells in the last few years.

“The day came, and it was foggy in the morning. By the way everyone was acting I could feel that the next moments were going to be intense. Before going to the harbor we went over to Chapman’s Pick to take a look. We were able to see some huge waves breaking very far away. At this moment, my adrenaline levels couldn’t have been higher. When we first got to Dungeons, Greg Long and Grant Baker were shocked by the way the waves looked: they were very big and the conditions were extreme. The swell really was
spectacular. I saw Twiggy drop into a huge wave at full speed. His 15 kilos board aided him on staying on his feet- it was a choppy wave.

A day full of unforgettable moments, when, once more, I learned a lot with some of the world’s greatest big wave riders. Thank you, Lord!