Casio G’Zone Proudly Introduces The Rock

Futuristic Rugged Design Meets Advanced Features

NEW YORK, NY, November 19, 2009 – The CASIO GʼzOne (pronounced Jeez-wun)
Rock™is built to survive in the most brutal and unforgiving environments. Whether
your lifestyle has the demands of an avid fisher, hunter, hiker or climber, the Rock is
prepared to handle lifeʼs most challenging obstacles while providing unparallel directional
information to the user. Its unrelenting, rugged design can withstand water, shock, dust,
solar radiation, low pressure as well as extreme high and low temperatures.
Responding to the needs of consumers with an active lifestyle, the CASIO
GʼzOne Rock™ (C731) possesses advanced GʼzGear software. With the help of its
Triple Sensor technology (tracks speed, location and temperature), GʼzGear operates in
six modes.
GʼzOne Gear Applications:
Earth Compass – Functions as a standard compass; GPS shows the distance and
direction of over 40 domestic and worldwide natural objects, including Yosemite National
Park and Mt. Everest.
Walking Counter – Measures steps, time, distance, speed and energy consumption;
shows total measurements for the week or the month; shows measurements from the
start of your journey; shows virtual hiking for famous North American trails and roads
such as the John Muir Trail and Route 66.
Thermometer – Shows current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit; provides
numeric and graphic thermometer readings.
Astro Calendar – Shows the moonʼs face graphically; shows the moonʼs age and days
until a full or new moon; shows past and future phases of the moon; shows the location
of the sun, earth and moon cosmically; shows times for astronomical events such as an
Sunrise Sunset – Shows the current time and position of the sun; shows the times for
sunrise and sunset for current, past and future dates; allows you to view times for select
major cities; shows the ratio of day and night in numbers and graphs.
Tides – Shows the tidal graph for the day; shows the time of ebb and flood tides; shows

the time of sunrise and sunset; shows past and future sea tide levels; shows tidal graphs
for 100 locations made available by Surflineʼs webcams, GPS will show nearest location;
shows the current tide and the best time for fishing.
As a passionate supporter of the Surf Community, the CASIO GʼzOne Rock™
has developed an ongoing partnership with Surfline. While using the GʼzGear Tides
mode, a user has instant access to Surfline Mobile making the perfect waves available at
oneʼs fingertips. To capture the spirit of surfing, each device is pre-loaded with a special
bundle of Surfline Themed wallpaper.
A must have for the active lifestyle, the CASIO GʼzOne Rock™ makes
communication and entertainment easily portable. The new One Touch Open Switch
instantly flips open the phone for quick calls on the go while the front facing Stereo
Speaker makes listening and sharing tunes and videos a breeze.
Additional features include: Multimedia capabilities, micro SD storage for tunes
on the go, Stereo Bluetooth™ GPS, PTT capabilities, Clear Talk for superior sound
quality, speakerphone, a built-in 2.0M camera, Touch Sensor Key on Sub Display, and a
handy bright LED lantern.
To see the CASIO GʼzOne Rock

in action, visit

Main Specifications of GʼzOne Rock™ (C731)
Digital Dual Mode (CDMA/PCS)/1x , EVDO Rev A.
Water resistance equivalent to IPX7, shock, dust, vibration, humidity, salt
fog resistant, and resists solar radiation conforming to MIL-STD-
*These specifications in no way guarantee that the product will
remain free of damage or malfunctions.
Main features:
Triple Sensor for GʼzGear, Touch Sensor Key on the Sub Display, Stereo
Bluetooth™, 2.0 mega pixel camera with still photo, video capture, and
LED light. Clock function: Time display, stopwatch, timer, and alarm.
Supported services: City ID, VZNavigator (navigation), Push To Talk and
Field Force Manager
FLASH/RAM: 256 MB/128MB & MicroSD Compatible, Address book: Up
to 500 entries
Main: 2.1", 65KTFT (240 x 320 pixels)
Sub: 0.9-inch monochrome, PM-OLED (96 x 96 pixels)
Battery life:
Continuous standby time: about 630 hours (PTT 80 hours)
Continuous call time: about 300 minutes (PTT 300 minutes)
Li-ion Standard: 1150mAh / Extended:1600mAh
(H) 4.09" x (W) 2.00" x (D) 0.86"
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