Catch Surf’s ‘Winter Beat Off’ Begins Today


The correct way to beat off.

-This is an official Catch Surf Beater photo contest in which the rider with the top voted photo will win $1000, a Catch Surf quiver (Beater, Beater bag, Skipper, LOG and clothing) and of course fame on all the Catch Surf social media outlets.

-The Winter Beat Off starts November 11th and ends December 11th 2013. Then the top 5 pictures will go into an online vote off. The pic with the highest votes will be crowned the winner on December 20th.

-We will pick the raddest, yes raddest pictures and they can be a big tube, air, drop in, carve, pig-dog, skim, hot chick holding Beater, whatever.


1. Rider in picture must be riding a Catch Surf Beater Original 48 or Original 54. The Beater can be finless, single fin or twin fin.

2. You have the option to submit your photos 2 ways.

The 1st way is to post your entry picture on Instagram with the tags @catchsurf and #winterbeatoff

The 2nd way is to post your entry picture on the Catch Surf Facebook page.

3. By entering your photo, you give Catch Surf the rights to your photo and the reposting of it.

4. The photo you enter in the contest must be owned by you whether granted by the photographer or yourself.

5. The contest is open to all Beater riders no matter where you are from.

6. Photo entries that have been modified with Photoshop or other programs will not be eligible for winning. Instagram filters are OK.

7. There is no extra prize for the photographer of the photo entered, so it is up to the rider and photographer to split the prizes up however they choose.

8. Catch Surf assumes no liability if rider or photographer is seriously injured or killed in the process of capturing a photo for the "Winter Beat Off" contest.

Good luck and have FUN!