Catching Up With Cory


Cory Lopez is one of those guys who sees waves differently. He’s been pushing surfing to new heights since he burst on to the scene in the classic …Lost videos What’s Really Goin’ On and What’s Really Goin’ Wrong. Him, his brother Shea, Wardo and the boys could be seen ripping wherever, partying whenever and doing whatever they felt like.

He did grow up doing contest though, and has that competitive fire that burns in a lot of the Floridan shredders. Somewhere along the way he qualified for the WCT. I take that back. Not somewhere, but everywhere along the way. Cory hit the WQS and hit it hard, he managed to get into the top 44 at a pretty young age.

“Lopey” stayed on that tour for years, and always finished toward the top. He also was able to put together some of the best video parts on the side. He has that rare combination of being someone who can make heats on the WCT, and also someone people want to watch in surf videos.

Now ten years later he’s off the CT’ and loving it. It’s like it was for him during those early Lost years. Just going around ripping, getting the clip and maybe surfing a contest along the way. Well, one popped last week at Lowers, the Nike 6.0 Pro, and Cory put in an impressive showing, until an interference ended his run in the semifinls.

Well here’s a quick (he was in a rush) post heat interview I did with him in the earlier rounds:

How was that heat?

It was fun. I was a little disappointed that there was only one good set, luckily I got one of the good ones out of it. I only ended up with like a two wave total. The heat before with Adriano De Souza there were tons of waves coming through. I was hoping to get some of that action, but you just got to deal with what the ocean gives you, and I made the best of what I had.

Where you headed after this?

O’Neill Europe’s having events in France and Spain, so I’ll probably be heading over there in like two weeks. Other than that just a bunch of freesurf trips, and doing the occasional O’Neill contest whenever and wherever they are.

How’s life off the WCT?

It been a lot more fun for me, a lot less stress and pressure of having to go to the contests and do well. If I show up at a contest O’Neill is doing I’m just there for fun. I want to do well, but I don’t have to do well. I’ve been in Fiji, Tahiti and the Galapagos, just going to places that are fun to surf. I’ve really been enjoying my time this year.

How are you doing with boards?

I’m still getting all my boards shaped by Matt Biolos, but they’re made by Placebo. Yeah, but Matt’s been making my boards for like the last fourteen years or longer and they work insane.