Catching Up With Macy Mullen

Macy at his mantle. Photo: MORINformed

A few weeks back I was out at Southside Huntington Pier and I happened to run into another friend of mine from the ‘Aina, Macy Mullen, and this wasn’t the first time I had seen him out at Pier. A week or so earlier, we both paddled for the same wave, he went right, I went left, I ended up on Northside and didn’t see him for the rest of the session.

Upon seeing him again, and knowing he had been in the area for a quick minute, I said to myself, “Self, maybe he’s living here.” Turns out he is, and adapting, as I, a fellow Hawaii transplant know all about.

So anyway, he’s a super smooth, progressive shreddah.’ Here’s a quick interview with Macy Mullen on topics like: moving, new sponsors and life:

I know already, but how old are you and where are you from

I am 28 years-of-age and from Mililani, HI on the island of Oahu.

Now Mililani is a land locked town in middle of the island. How was it growing up there and being an up-and-coming shredder

It was awesome growing up in Mililani. The North Shore’s like twenty minutes away, town’s like thirty minutes, and the west and east sides are like forty five, so you have easy access to all different types of waves, you’re not stuck to surfing one shore. I think it benefited me a lot, it was cool, I had no problems with it and always had a ride to the beach.

Who are your sponsors right now

Allyance clothing, Electric Visual, Freestyle Watches, Pesce surfboards and OAM.

Why have you made California your new home base

I’m just trying to make another stride. There is a lot more professional events, media and sponsors. Everything is here, so I just figured it’d be the next step in my progression of surfing.

What’s a typical day like for you here

I’ll get up around 5:30 or 6 and just start getting ready for the day. Breakfast, coffee, pack the boards, the suits, and just get down to the beach and go from there.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about Allyance, that it’s the next big thing, so what’s the deal

Allyance is pretty much a rad company. They’re just different than your typical brand out there right now. There’s a punk rocky vibe to it and everybody there is awesome, from the head guy to the shipping guy. They’ve shown that they’re behind me, so I’m excited to be apart of it, and I hope to be here for a very long time.

So is it the next big thing

As far as clothing right now, for sure. They’ve got the sickest line I’ve seen, it’s really different, and they are covering all angles not trying to be like anyone else. They’ve got a good, good thing going right now and I’m glad to be apart of it.

Who have you been surfing with here

Anyone, whoever is around. Everyone’s so busy with their own things: families, girlfriends and what not, so solo or whoever calls, but basically the local kids around here. They ‘re sick.

What are you into besides surfing

I like to be silly and play with things, ha ha. I like to draw and paint, you know your typical independent kinds of things. Oh yeah, I listen to a lot f music too.

What kind of music

Fuck, I like everything. From hip hop to reggae to punk to metal to techno, pretty much anything but country.

What about Johnny Cash

He’s an exception.

What about boards. Anything different: quads, new materials, etc.

I’m pretty standard. I’ve changed the tail design a little bit. Right now, I’m pretty much in between squashes and swallows. I’m trying to keep my boards to the tee, which they are, so I’m stoked. I’m getting some really good boards from Pesce, so things are going really well with boards.

You have anything coming up

I’m here until September, I’m going to any and every contest around. Then in September my buddy and I are planning a trip to the Mentawai’s, we’re going to try and score some waves down there.

Three best things about living in Huntington Beach

It’s getting warmer, my room mates are cool and I’ve been eating pretty good.

Three worst things

Cold, polluted and crowded

I’ve been visiting Cali off and on for while, but visiting’s one thing. When you start living here, and surfing here everyday, you realize it is fucking cold, especially in the mornings. Me, I haven’t taken my booties off since October. How have you been adapting to that.

Fuck, it’s pretty classic. I’ve been here in January before, I was like ‘Oh, I can handle it in a 3/2 no problem,’ it’s a good 3/2. I remember getting in the water the first time and being like, ‘Fuck, it seems a lot colder than the last time.’ Then I went to a Sun Diego contest and my friend’s car was beeping on the way down, it was trying to tell him that the outside temperature was 37 degrees. Long story short, I went from tropical water, and two days later I find out it’s 37 degrees outside. I charge it in my 3/2, loose, and I go home and think about the situation.

What was the outcome

I called my buddy from O’Neill, Mark Prefontaine, and the following Tuesday I had a couple of 4/3s. As soon as I put those things on, I felt like I was back home.

Do you have a wetsuit sponsor

Pretty much. Mark and O’Neill have been taking care of me with suits. If I need something he’ll take care of me. Yeah, I’m pretty good right now, but I’m looking for a shoe sponsor.

So attention all you shoe manufacturers Macy Mullen needs a sponsor for his dogs

Yeah, I like shoes, so anybody that makes shoes I’m looking.

Any last words

Thanks to my mom and dad for helping me throughout my life. Thanks to my girlfriend for keeping my head straight, and keeping me grounded. Thanks to all my friends for heckling the shit out of me. And thanks to my sponsors for supporting me, and I’m looking forward to doing big things for them.