CocoGate: ASP To Investigate Ho’s Blockage On Beachley

After dropping in on fellow Reef Hawaiian Pro Women’s finalist—and Seven Time World Champion—Layne Beachley and effectively ruining any chance she had at winning the final, the ASP has announced that it is going to begin an interview process that will determine if there will be punishment for the act.

First, here's how the ASP Press release described the incident:

"In the final, 17-year-old Coco Ho was at the center of drama. A win here would have guaranteed Ho a start on the 2009 elite World Tour, but after finding herself in fourth for most of the heat, her focus shifted to securing the win for Moore. With less than a minute remaining, Beachley was in need of little more than six points to steal the win from Moore. Ho took off, dropping in on Beachley, popping an air above her head and effectively shutting down Layne's scoring potential in a classic case of schoolgirl tactics."

And here’s the official statement from ASP Rules and Disclipline Judge Robert Gerard: “The ASP is actively investigating the possible violation of its competition rules which may have occurred in the Final between Coco Ho and Layne Beachley on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at the ASP WQS 6-Star Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa. The ASP takes the enforcement of its competition and sportsmanship rules very seriously. The ASP Rules and Discipline Judge Robert Gerard will be interviewing the involved athletes, witnesses and reviewing videotape on the incident on Saturday morning. As always, Robert will not be issuing a decision once all variables have been analyzed and is confident that a fair outcome will be delivered.”

Coco Ho

Haole tax at Haleiwa!

Another source sent us the following quotes from inside the competitors tent:

“Imagine if the roles had been reversed and it was Layne who burned Coco in need of qualification points? Houses would be set ablaze on the North Shore already!”

“That sweet and innocent veneer they’ve worked so hard to cultivate has just been washed away in one stupid act.”

“That was the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen. It would be like someone dropping in on Occy at his last Pipemasters. That disgusts me.”