Celebrating International Surfing Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and next Wednesday is International Surfing Day. What do these two stops on the weekly express have in common? Well, for many of the people I know, the link is surfing. It’s probably since I live in Southern California, but I’m sure it’s the same in many of the coastal communities around the world.

A few months ago we here at SME started making a video to promote International Surfing Day and the Live telecast we are hosting along with the Surfrider Foundation and TransWorld SURF here at SME HQ on June 20. Chris Coté and Susan Mckagan (Duff’s wife) will be hosting, I’ll be a roving interviewer and we’ll have all kinds of star studded guests and musical performers from the surf industry and beyond.

Well, that’s that. Back to the video. Like I mentioned above, we started making this video months ago just for International Surfing Day, and as we interviewed professional surfer after professional surfer a common theme began to take shape, the father/son relationship and how surfing is passed down.

All that said, the video has a Father’s Day vibe, and it’s seems we may have stepped in some sh-t and received a little bit of dumb luck along the way with Father’s Day falling two days before International Day.

To all the Father’s out there, SIT BACK, RELAX, GRAB A COLDY AND ENJOY THE SHOW.--Matt Patterson/SME