Cell Phone Interview With Teddy Navarro


Shred boosting. Photo: Chris Sardelis

So while I was in the office today I called my friend Teddy Navarro, who reminded me that the Vans Pier Classic at the Huntington Beach Pier is tomorrow. So here’s a spur of the moment, pre-contest, over-the-phone interview with Shreddy.

What have you been up to?

I just got back from Mayhem, I picked up a board for the Vans contest.

The Pier Classic?

Yup, whatever it is. I also ordered some boards for Tahiti.


Yeah, I leave on the 13th.

Who’s going?


So it’s the Shreddy Show?

The me trip. So, are you gonna come by tonight or what?

Yeah. What’s going on, contest preperation?

Yup. Gonna drink a Miller Lite, I don’t surf until the afternoon, so whatever, I know that wave. I’m out there everyday.

I heard you got a new sponsor for your pupils?

Yeah, Hoven, they’re sick. So come by.

Hold on, one more question?

Oh yeah, I totally forgot you’re interviewing me.

Who’s in your heat?

I don’t know I try not to look at that shit. All I know is I’m heat 3 round of 128.