CFL/WFL ESA Team Challenge Contest Goes Off at the Cocoa Beach Pier

Earlier in the year at the Easterns Competition in Cape Hatteras, NC, the Central Florida (CFL) ESA district directors, Alden Pitard, Rob Henry and Tom Evans got together with the West Florida (WFL) District Directors, Greg and Robyn Agerskov and Jerry Lacasse decided to hold a two District surf contest in Cocoa Beach and also throw in an “East versus West Coast Team Challenge.

The event was held this past weekend, December 1st and 2nd, in Cocoa Beach at the world famous Cocoa Beach Pier. CFL’s annual Christmas contest is usually greeted with very cool conditions but the surfers were greeted with above average air temperatures and the surf temps were warm enough not to require wetsuits.

Over 60 surfers from the Gulf Coast made the trip across the state for the weekend and were treated to 2′ to 3′; glassy surf all weekend long. Light offshores kept the conditions glassy and even the red tide that has been plaguing the East coast could not dampen the spirits of the competitors.

The highlight of the day was the East versus West Coast Team Challenge held at the end of the day. Each team consisted of at least one long boarder, one Menehune and a female surfer with any other combination rounding out the team. Each team member could catch a maximum of 3 waves and one member would be designated the “double whammy, thus doubling their points on the wave of their choice. The West Coast team consisted of Pete Lopez, Ian “Dupree Carmichael, Matt Lopez, Christian Agerskov, Kyle Applefield and Michele Kienlen. The West coast tem started off strong with some excellent long boarding by Pete Lopez followed up by Menehune Christian Agerskov .

Next up was Central Florida with the team consisting of Menehune Logan Hayes, Lauren McLean, Tommy Evans, Corey Howell, Chris Tucker and Tyler Thornsley who was the designated “double whammy for the team. For the first 5 minutes of the heat, the surf seem to go flat but soon after Tyler Thornsly caught a nice outside set and after several hard hits to the lip and bought it all the way inside towards the Pier and claimed it as the double whammy wave. East Coast Women’s Champ, Lauren Mclean had several nice waves and pulled some air at the end of one of her waves to the delight of the crowd.

In the end, it was the CFL pulling it out over WFL and taking home the coveted Tiki Trophy — thus setting up a rematch for next year. The final score was CFL 134 and WFL 91.

On Sunday, adult and Open competitors were once again greeted with nice offshores and a slight increase in the swell size.

Even with red tide in the air, the weekend turned out to be great for both districts and all agreed that this will be an annual event.

A big thanks to the sponsors of the event, The Cocoa Beach Pier, for hosting the event, Ron Jon Surf Ship for providing gift certificates to all 1st and 2nd place finishers and Julie Stein from Few clothing that provided the girls finalist with Few shirts.

The directors would also like to thank all the volunteers, parents, competitors and especially the tabulators and head judge Chip Hall and his judging panel. We look forward to another successful event next year at this time.

WFL Directors sincerely appreciate the support and enthusiasm that CFL District displayed during this fun-filled double district contest. They really treated us (WFL Members) like family and made it a very positive experience for our District. Thanks to all who participated and special appreciation goes out to all of the hard work to CFL Directors and volunteers. They really showed their dedication to the ESA members that we all serve, no matter what district!!!

COMPLETE CONTEST RESULTS — Saturday December, 1st, 2007

1. Logan Hayes
2. Luke Marks
3. Thomas Day
4. Hannah Claunch
5. Carson Rick
6. Fisher Grant

Menehune Bodyboard
1. Chloe Pitard
2. Reef O’Shea

Menehune Longboard
1. Sam Duggan
2. Steven McLean
3. John Akerman
4. Michael JJohnson
5. Reef O’Shea

1. Savannah Bradley
2. Jassett Umbel
3. Emily Ruppert
4. Nikki Viesins
5. Makaylee Clark
6. Hannah Claunch

Jr. Women
1. Michelle Kienlen – WFL
2. Susan Duggan
3. Michelle Au
4. Ashley Akerman – WFL

1. Lauren McLean
2. Melissa Howard
3. Cara Evers
4. Ashley Francis
5. Kali Park – WFL
6. Ami Berg

Ladies Longboard
1. Heather Wilcox
2. Julie Stine

1. Heather Wilcox
2. Monica Monsalve
3. Julie Stine

Women’s Longboard
1. Michelle Au
2. Ashley Francis
3. Ami Berg
4. Jesse Restivo
5. Erin McCullough – WFL
6. Susan Duggan

1. Tyler Thornsley
2. Nolan Tyler
3. Forest Johnson
4. Corey Howell
5. Matt Lopez – WFL
6. Chris Tucker

1A Jr. Men
1. Kieran Grant
2. Tommy Evans
3. Conner Hurley
4. Daniel Eleck – WFL
5. Jacob Rose
6. Russell Creamer

Jr. Longboard
1. Tommy Evans
2. Kieran Grant
3. TR Clark

Open Bodyboard
1. Joey Rasadio
2. Jose Sanchez
3. Lani Mucha
4. Al Rumbos – WFL

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

1. Mike Persichetti
2. Corey Howell
3. Dylan Bissett
4. Dan Dunagan
5. Tommy Orsini
6. Blake Sands

1. Gary Billingsley
2. Art Lueck
3. Sean Hayes
4. Jeff Majaika
5. Bill Austin
6. Jim Smith

1. Pete Lopez – WFL
2. Bruce Walker
3. Bob Freeman
4. Pepe Sira – WFL
5. Herb Patton

Legends Longboard
1. Kent Morris
2. Bob Freeman
3. Bruce Walker
4. Charlie Paxton
5. Tom Wills
6. Pepe Sira – WFL

1. Paul Munson
2. Chad Carr
3. Tim Smith
4. Andrew Freedman – WFL
5. Matt Mullon
6. Ben Melvin

Masters Longboard
1. Bill McCardell
2. Scott Orend
3. Bill Austin
4. Art Lueck
5. Jeff Majaika
6. Roger Ross

1. Blake Sands
2. Mike Persichetti
3. Justin Boggs – WFL
4. Kyle Applefield – WFL
5. Blake Viesins
6. John Gentile

Men Longboard
1. Michael Wood
2. Shawn Bowman
3. Tim Smith
4. Ryan Smolka

1. Tommy Orsini
2. Cody Evans
3. Lucas Crespi
4. Mike Knapp
5. Peter Polanski
6. Tyler Lawrence

Sr. Men
1. Dan Dunagan
2. Kevin Moon
3. Glen Lockaby
4. Larry Pollin – WFL
5. Scott Orend
6. Kevin Thornsley