Charles Carroll – 4.7

Charles CarrollAge: 20Height: 5’7″Weight: 150 lbs. Hometown: Wai’anae, Hawai’i Sponsors: Ezekiel, Xcel, Globe, Anarchy, Creatures Of Leisure, Town & Country


The west coast of O’ahu breeds some tough characters, to say the least. That’s why it’s refreshing to see how pleasant and friendly Charles Carroll is. Raised on the Westside, Charles started standing up on waves at Makaha when he was only five years old. He’s seen his share of fights but chooses to stay clear. You’ll often see him on the North Shore searching for uncongested surf breaks. Around the age of eighteen, he realized he had to get a job. After some hard thought about what he liked to do, he came up with “pro surfer.” Not a bad choice-his recent win at the Ronnie Burns Memorial Expression Session shows he’s got the talent.-Pete Johnson