Check Out Austin Langridge

Age: 20

Height: 5' 11″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Sponsors: Billabong, Jason Rodd Surfboards, Julbo, Etnies


Austin is one of the mellowest pro surfers you will come across. He resides on the northern end of the Gold Coast and has a reputation as one of the better surfers out at Burleigh Heads on the bigger days. I met Austin last year in Hawai'i, and his approach to life was pretty simple. After surfing all morning, he'd ride to Foodland, get some fried chicken and fruit juice, and then head home for a sleep. Once refueled he would be ready to do it all over again. Back home in Oz he's one of the next generation of Aussie surfers preparing to shock the world. His powerful approach and tendency to find the pocket on every turn makes him a feared competitor as well as an exciting and radical free-surfer.

It's not hard to understand why he's become such a well-rounded surfer. Five minutes to the north of his home he has South Straddie (one of the east coast's finest beach breaks), and ten minutes to the south is Burleigh Heads, a world-class point break. With training grounds like these and Austin's positive attitude, you wouldn't be completely off base thinking there's a future world-title contender in this stocky young Gold Coaster.–Tommy Herschell