Check Out – Austin Ware

Name: Austin Ware
Born: March 23, 1981
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165
Years trying to stand up: 5
Home base: Solana Beach, California
Sticker sponsors: Redsand, Hansen’s Boardroom, Xanadu, Arnette, Aleeda, X – Track, and Freestyle watches.

Austin Ware has been destroying San Diego’s North County lately and is currently moving into the pro ranks with no distractions. I got a chance to make fun of him for a while, and this is what the man behind the spray had to say.¿Zach Plopper

Aren’t you from Riverside?
Originally, but now I’m living in Solana Beach.

What’s it like living there?
It’s beautiful, and the people are nice.

Do you surf more now than you did in Riverside?
Yeah, about four times as much.

Besides Richard Simmons and RuPaul, who are some people you look up to?
Taylor Knox, Slater, Ross Williams, Mark McGuire, and my pops.

Your dad supports you a lot these days, what does that mean to you?
It means a lot that my family is working with me and pushing me. I accomplish more with my family’s support.

Are you old enough to go to strip clubs?
Barely legal.

I heard you’ve been trying to lose some weight.
Actually, I’m trying to gain weight. Maybe get from 165 to 170 pounds of mean muscle.

You have quite a list of supporters. Do you have any professional aspirations?
I’m training hard to be the best surfer I can be.

Well, it looks like you’re on your way.