Check Out: Brian Aresco

Check Out Brian Aresco

Name: Brian Aresco
Age: 20
Weight: 160 lbs.
Height: 5’11”
Hometown: Carpas (Carpenteria), California
Sponsors: Channel Islands, Hurley, DVS


If you’ve ever surfed Rincon in California, then you’ve seen Brian Aresco. “B.A.” blows minds with his quick, stylish surfing, and he’s the standout at the point. He’s an easygoing, respectful kid who’s quick to crack a grin. We tried to lock him up here at the Channel Islands factory, managing our shipping department, but we realized he had way too much talent to be kept out of the water.

Now he’s in charge of the Channel Islands amateur team, going to all the events and holding team workouts. In between that, he just pretty much travels the world, scores sick waves, and gets loads of photos.-Scott Anderson