CHECK OUT – Chris Del Moro

Name: Chris Del Moro
Age: 18
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 165
Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Sponsors: Ezekiel, CHP, XM, Body Glove, Dragon, and The Naked Garden

Have you ever had a friend girls were always asking you about? You know, you’re at school, and Leah, the school hottie, says, “Hey, what’s the deal with Chris Del Moro?” You’d probably say something like, “Oh, he’s dating Tammy,” when actually he isn’t, because you want the action instead. Girls love Chris Del Moro and probably ask his friends the same question all the time. You see, Chris is a very handsome young man who looks like Brad Pitt and doesn’t care about parties or the surf industry-he cares about world hunger and pollution … really. If there was a sci-fi movie about cloning and the Utopian (perfect) society, there’d be Chris Del Moro clones all over the place, and everyone, everywhere, would be happy and actually give a shit about each other. Hot girl clones would be inquiring to all the other clones what the deal was with all the Chris clones. He’s also an incredible surfer from the South Bay of L.A. who gets to spend the summers in Italy or New Zealand-depending on where his dad’s living at the time. Someday, somebody, somewhere is gonna meet Chris and realize how cool of a cat he is, steal his DNA, and proceed to make girls’ dreams come true all over the world.-A.C.