Check Out: Chris Loomis

Check Out Chris Loomis

Name: Chris Loomis
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hometown: Ocean Beach, California
Sponsors: The Realm, TDK surfboards, Pride Surf Shop, Xcel, Von Zipper
[IMAGE 2]Every now and then, surf cities like San Diego, California get groups of young surfers all around the same age who start making an impact on the surf world together. Chris Loomis is currently part of a crew of Ocean Beach up-and-comers, including Rodger Eales and Julian Mullins, who’re ready to add the city’s rich surfing history.

Although arthroscopic knee surgery kept him out of the water for a couple of months, Chris is back and ready to prove himself. He does well in contests, but he really doesn’t worry about them-he just wants to surf as powerfully and clean as he possibly can.-A.C.