Check Out Chris Waring

Chris Waring

Age: 15

Height: 5'11″

Weight: 145 lbs.

Home: Seal Beach, California

Sponsors: O'Neill, HSS, T&C Surfboards, Globe, Oakley, Creatures Of Leisure, Sugar Shack

Most surfers would do anything to get on a boat trip to the Andaman Islands, but Chris managed one better and jumped on a boat with Art Brewer and Archy. As an amateur, Chris is doing what most professionals dream of doing their whole life. But let's not say it was handed to him.

Growing up in Seal Beach isn't easy-the waves are nonexistent in the summer and break only a few-dozen times in the winter. But Chris puts in his time commuting to Huntington Pier every morning and working out with the Huntington Beach High surf team. When Chris makes it big, he'd better buy his dad a new car for all the miles he's put on his Bronco driving him to Huntington every morning.

Unlike most kids his age you see trying flyaway airs, Chris seems to be concentrating on his turns-using every bit of his large frame to throw some chunks. “I believe he's really underrated, and he's going to show that when we help HBHS regain the NSSA National Championship,” says teammate Brett Simpson. “He could also have a few individual titles up his sleeve.”

Needless to say, everyone is expecting good things from Chris. Watch out!-Tom Carey