Check Out – Corey Sapp

Name: Corey Sapp
Age: 19
Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145
Sponsors: MCD, Byrne, O&E, Sunrise Surf Shop[IMAGE 1]

Over the years, one of Florida’s Atlantic Ocean cities has produced a large number of talented surfing competitors¿I’m talking about Jacksonville Beach. Corey Sapp is an established Jax Beach ripper, who (in his fifteen years of experience) has embedded his name in the East Coast surfing community.

Being a standout in Jax Beach is an accomplishment in itself. I’m sure as he breaks into his twenties, he’ll continue to blow minds in every session. In my opinion, Jacksonville has some of the best surf on the entire East Coast. This could have something to do with the unreal surfers who’ve come out of that area of Northern Florida for many years. There’s a new young breed in Jax Beach, with Corey at the front of the pack. We’ll be hearing a lot more from these graduating groms in the years to come.¿Sean Slater