Check Out Cory Kvenild

Check Out Cory Kvenild
Name: Cory Kvenild
Age: 18
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 170
Hometown: Westside, Santa Cruz, California
Sponsors: Billabong, M-10, Black Flys, Pacific Wave


Cory’s gotten really gnarly in the last year. He’s definitely found the sweet spot on his boards or something, ’cause his surfing has improved 500 percent. The other day, I saw him spin the hugest frontside air to revert-sliding backward over the falls before spinning it back around. It was f-kin’ sick!

He’s got a really good attitude, too-he always seems stoked about something. What he’s really stoked about right now is that Hefner hooked him up on the Billabong program.

Cory hangs out with other Westside standouts like Joey and Jeff Hutson, Russel and Tyler Smith, Flea, and Randy Bonds. So it’s no wonder he’s on a major come up. Watch out for this kid!-Nelly