Check Out: Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller is a charger. At the prime young age of twenty, he’sbeen raised, and now thrives on never holding back when it gets big. Interms of writing a piece on Danny, we felt there was “no bettah” personto write it than another charger who’s sort of his predecessor andmentor at Quiksilver-Strider Wasilewski.-A.C.

[IMAGE 1]Growing up in our society it’s pretty easy to take the path the world thinks is the road to freedom. Yet when they get to the end of the road, it’s not all they had expected. If you take the road of the government’s social structure, you go through high school, and then to college where you are given options-almost none of which will give you total freedom to do what you want. This is why living up to your dreams is so important. You can always take the structured road, so if your dreams don’t work out-there’s still the last resort.

The dream of becoming a pro surfer has got to be the most far-out and unrealistic of them all. You’re asking to travel the world, hang out on beautiful beaches, meet incredible people (girls), get paid, and surf perfect waves-fat chance. But it does happen to a few of the lucky ones who follow their dream and never give up!

I think Danny Fuller is living his dream. He’s from Kaua’i, so he might’ve had a jump-start on the dream just by growing up in such a nourished environment for surfing. The generations he had to look up to must’ve had a huge impression on him. The “Wolf Pack” on Kaua’i is a good bunch who look after their own. Not to mention the Irons brothers who’ve stolen the spotlight of surfing, and I don’t think they want to give it up! But I think Danny’ss worked hard for what he has and definitely has paid a few dues. That’s not to say he won’t be paying more, though!

You see, Danny likes to surf Pipeline, the most famous wave in the world. If you can cut it out there, you can pretty much cut at any other spot you want. But the price you pay can be very heavy-from body and mental damage to even the end of the road! Yes, death. You have to pay to play. But Danny’s no stranger to the reef at Pipe, and I’m sure he’ll keep a good relationship with it as long as he surfs out there.


Danny’s road to his present location came from hard work in the water, staying true to his dream, and most importantly by being a good person. He’s always trying to keep his head up and be a good kid, being proud yet humble. Taking advice, using it, and being open to constructive criticism will keep Danny learning until the end. He also gives as much as possible-he helps his fellow surfers who aren’t as fortunate, and he even got me motivated to do some yoga!

So if you’re ever lucky enough to have parents who let you choose to live your dreams, don’t hesitate. Your life will only offer up so many opportunities. The opportunity of freedom is too good to pass up. Just ask Danny Fuller the next time you see him-he might get you motivated to do something, somehow!-Strider Wasilewski