Check Out: Ezekiel Lau

Ezekiel Lau

Age: 10

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 80 lbs.

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Sponsors: Volcom, Dragon, Body Glove, Gravis, DaKine, Town & Country Surfboards, Red X Fins, Nixon

Ezekiel, a.k.a. “The Wonder Kid,” is one of Honolulu’s best up-and-coming surfers. Raised on the same reef breaks as surfing legends Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Mark Liddel, and Larry Bertlemann, Ezekiel has developed a fast and powerful surfing style that has set him apart from the rest. Hawai’i Billabong Team Manager Rainos Hayes had this to say about the kid: “Ezekiel is the leader of the pack in his age division, and he’s become more creative in his surfing throughout the current NSSA season. He’s really confident because he knows he has the ability to perform and also because he has a good, aerodynamically shaved head.”

Ezekiel’s home spot is Kewalos on the South Shore of O’ahu, and his goals, like many kids, are to be a pro surfer and go to college. At the age of ten, he’s already been on one surf trip to Chiba, Japan and three trips to California, where he surfed Salt Creek, Oceanside, 9th Street, Trestles, T-Street, and Huntington Beach.

As for contest results, Ezekiel is the Local Motion Surf Into Summer 2003 and 2004 menehune champion, 2004 HASA eleven and under menehune state champion, 2004 NSSA Hawai’i open mini-grom champion, 2004 NSSA Nationals finalist in three divisions-open mini-grom, open boys, and explorer menehunes.

With his smooth style and arsenal of maneuvers, including airs and backside lip busters, plus the ability to put together combinations of turns, snaps, cutbacks, and floaters, Ezekiel is focused on what he needs to do to stay at the top level of surfing.-Wyatt Tillotson